Whitesburg KY

Kidney stones can be painful


Everything has been going pretty smoothly in and around my area. All except my son has been awfully sick with kidney stones and can’t get anything to help him with the pain and agony.

He sat up all night crying and praying for the pain to go away. I was thinking he may have to go to Pikeville ER, but he made it through, but is still not much better.

He passed two stones, but still has another one trying to pass. No doctor will give him any pain medicine since all these laws have gone into effect all over Kentucky and other states are doing the same thing.

I feel so awful when I think of our Governor and his officials who passed the Kasper Law in our state. If they ever get a kidney stone, gallstones or back problems or any other real, real bad pain, they will pray for something to help it.

I know because I’ve been through it all and almost died before I could get to the doctor to get some help. Then I had to be operated on for gallstones and kidney stones, and then they had to bust the last ones up with that big machine they put you in.

The doctor finally said that if I had para-thyroid surgery I would get better, and I did.

I praise Dr. Loveless and Dr. Burns in Nashville, Tenn., so much for all they did for me, and also those who did surgery to get the first stone out in Marion, Ind.

Dr. Piercy was so good to me, and I’ll never forget him. Only now, all of them have retired and there is no one to help us anymore.

Their hands are tied by all these crazy laws. It turns people into criminals instead of doing them good. They go to the streets to hunt for drugs now, and they turn out doing bad things just to get help.

It looks like they could see what is happening to our young people, turning to alcohol and illegal drugs, and even making bad drugs to sell.

We hear so much about finding young people dead, overdosing on meth and other stuff. Parents leaving their babies to die in hot cars, and to starve at home because they stay out of their minds and don’t take care of their children.

I wonder what will happen now after the election and all the House and Senate are in office and a different breed from the President. I hope they can work together to be better for everyone.

America the beautiful!

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