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Kids bring home any illnesses


It has been a very busy time. I’ve missed several weeks and denied you guys lots of excitement in our area.

In early November we got news that a little girl, who was Jerrica’s best friend, while in Tennessee taking treatments for her leukemia had contracted Swine flu (H1N1) and died from complications.

Local news reported that her parents had requested her name not be released but they did allow WKLY to show pictures of her.

My kids were sick a week later, and John tested positive for the flu. Since none of the kids had asthma or other conditions, the doctor said we would not send off to identify which type of flu it was, but because all that had been sent off had been H1N1, we would assume that is what it was and he gave all the kids Tamiflu.

The weekend before Thanksgiving we had a stomach bug that ran through everyone in the house before my kids returned from their dad’s.

It seems that when you have kids and college kids living in your home, everything that is out there gets picked up. I’ve pretty much got a can of Lysol in a holster. Ha, ha. Hey, it’s an idea.

The kids had Christmas parties recently. Mrs. Newton’s first-grade class made a gingerbread house using graham crackers, white icing, Hershey kisses, marshmallows and lots of other candies.

Rain began on Friday and was supposed to turn into snow that night. Instead, it kept drizzling rain around 10 p.m. Friday night.

Jeffrey Lester II, Tony ‘T.T.’ Phillips and his brother D’Angelo Phillips were in a car accident recently. They hydroplaned on State Route 150 between Springfield and Bardstown, hit an electrical pole, and two of them were thrown from the front seat through the rear windshield and onto the ground from the car. Tony became stuck, and the other two boys pulled him out and got away from the vehicle. The pole broke in half and the rear spoiler on the car caught it and kept any broken wires off the wet ground.

The three were taken to Flaget Memorial Hospital were they received stitches and were released at around 4 a.m. Jeffrey also suffered two cracked ribs. This was one incident where not having a seat belt on actually benefited the passengers. Had Jeffrey not been ejected from the passenger’s front seat, he’d have been crushed. The impact shattered the flip-style cell phone in Jeffrey’s jeans pocket.

Friday was also the last day of school for Bardstown City Schools. Kids return for intercession enrichment classes beginning Dec. 29. The schools resume regular classes on Jan. 4.

On Dec. 20, a Breakfast with Santa was scheduled at the DQ Grill & Chill from 9 a.m. until 11 a.m.

The Christmas rush has been wild, and it seems no matter what time of day or what day of the week, if you go to even a grocery store, everybody in town is there.

With the snow moving in on Friday, I made one quick trip to Kroger’s and mailed some Mary Kay gifts that had been ordered. I came home to watch for the storm that didn’t show.

Sunday morning when I wrote this, we had fine snow flying around on and off. I was a bit disappointed to wake up to rain and no snow, but I feel pretty blessed considering that Angie Lewis just told me a little while ago that she has seven inches of snow in Whitesburg, and her mom and my mom’s area of Eolia has 14 inches. Mom’s phone went out around 5:30 or 6 p.m.

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