Whitesburg KY

Kids colored and hid eggs


Our granddaughter, Amanda Holbrook, has finished her time at West Whitesburg working with Carla McCauley toward her degree in occupational therapy. We will miss her and so will her other grandparents, Charlie and Wilma Holbrook.

On Thursday evening, Wilma had a special dinner for Amanda. Those enjoying the food and fellowship were Eugene and Kathy Hall, Gina Dotson, Charlie and Wilma Holbrook, Amanda and myself. Wilma is a wonderful cook.

We lost another neighbor this week, Loretta ‘Vet’ Quillen. She was a very kind and lovely lady. When Clester and I were newlyweds, we rented a house from her family and lived next door. Her daughters are still our neighbors and we love them.

I would like to wish my niece, Shawna Baker Petke, a very happy birthday. She is a teacher, and a good one! Her brother is Shad Baker, and I think most every one knows Shad.

We had our Easter dinner on Saturday this year. Randy, Jennifer, Jared and Ethan Isaacs, Tommy and Betty Stansberry, Edsel, Carol and Kaylee had dinner with Clester and me. Jennifer and Carol helped cook and clean up. The kids colored and hid eggs. Kaylee hid eggs for Ethan and then helped him find them.

I missed seeing the others in our family. I know Brooke and Noah enjoyed their time with Ali and Addie. I think the bunny was a big hit.

Sympathy to the family of Ray Mullins of Knott County, and to the family of Ted Cook of Lexington. Two of Ray’s sisters, Opal Fouts and Morene Tolliver, live in our neighborhood. Ted was from this area and has many cousins here. He was a son of Floyd and Ella Richardson Cook. Ted was a veteran of World War II, and during his service he was a Japanese prisoner of war and a survivor of the Bataan Death March.

Members of the Historical Society, remember to send in your dues. The newsletter is at the printer. Anyone wanting to join, send your dues in and your book will be mailed.

I am so glad that Emma Engle is doing okay.

May God bless each and every one.

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