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Kids Day at Letcher to be held Saturday, May 14

The Kids Day event will be held on Saturday, May 14, at the Letcher football field. Signs will be posted from Isom down Route 7, so just watch for the signs. There will be plenty of parking and everything is free. Pony rides, hayrides, inflatables, the Shriners train and other things for the children to enjoy, as well as adults.

Adults are just big kids you know. Let’s make this a special day. Oh, Steve? The committee is expecting turkey sandwiches.

Justin, Megan and Cooper Gilliam were in this weekend visiting with their family. Sunday, Justin was baptized by Brother Bill Craft and Justin’s dad, Michael Gilliam. You know how special that was for Michael to have a part in that baptism. I know every one is wonderful, but for a father and son, wow what a blessing.

Cooper is trying his best to walk and is such a cutie. Aunt Jean and Mamma Mary love to watch Cooper and Gabe playing together.

Sorry to hear about Carl Parrott having a car wreck. He totaled his car, but thank God he is okay. Colson

Brandon Jent is home from U. K., but is leaving this week for a three-week visit to Mauritius, an island off the coast of Madagascar. How exciting! We hope he has a wonderful time. He will be staying with a friend and his family.

Cheyenne Jent is with the band at Letcher County Central. They had a competition this past week and are going to be in Louisville this week. Good luck to them.

Our prayers and get well wishes to a very special lady, Dixie Sparks. She is in the hospital and is very sick. We love her!

Maxine Quillen and her daughter Regina spent a day in Manchester this week. Regina had her Jeep worked on. I know she is happy to have it back on the road.

Shorty has a birthday May 12, but he isn’t getting any older.

Maxine, Krystal, Shorty and Jessie have all been working in the garden. Jessie’s favorite thing is riding his four-wheeler to keep the animals away.

Some exciting news about the giant, Martin Van Buren Bates. A great nephew, Larry Honeycutt, loaned the Tourism Commission an original sole from a boot worn by the Giant. How cool is that? Maxine has contacted a shoe company and is trying to get a pair of boots made from the outline we traced of the sole. It’s hard to imagine how big they will be.

I talked to Otho and Pat Holcomb this week. Otho is originally from Letcher County and he knows more folks than I do. They are both doing okay. They live in Elyria.

I’m still trying to find where Mater, Ky. was located. John and Nancy Wright Brown lived there at one time. Their granddaughter would love to locate Mater.

Bill and Darlene Collins Spears were in town a few days this past week. On Friday, Maxine Quillen had lunch with them. It’s great to get to see our kinfolk and especially nice to have a visit. Darlene is the daughter of Robert and Jean Collins.

I went to Richmond this week for the graduation of my granddaughter, Amanda Celeste Holbrook. She was graduated from EKU with a bachelor of science in occupational science degree with a minor in sociology, cum laude. Also attending were her grandparents, Charlie and Wilma Holbrook, Kathy Hall, Gina Dotson, Janice Baker, Kathy Adams, Nikkia and Brook Lucas, Ron, Georgia and Joseph Holbrook, Johnny, Anita and Jessica Spicer, Randy, Jennifer, Jared and Ethan Isaacs, Jason, Tina, Rylee Holbrook, Seth Smith, Greg and Sharon Holbrook and Jessica’s boyfriend Tyler. A party was held at her home with about 30 in attendance.

Other graduates from Letcher County are Megan Lynn Pigman, Sheena Ann Tackett, Sarah Meghan Brashear, Angela Halcomb, Krystal Brown, Lyndsay Inez- Lee Hart, Brianna Danielle Cornett, and Jodi N. Combs.

I did see Jim and Vickie Brashear at the ceremony, the parents of Sarah M. Brashear. I hope I didn’t miss anyone from Letcher County.

Congratulations and we are so proud of all of you for a job well done.

Hope all the mothers had a wonderful day. I sure did, went to Red House Baptist Church in Richmond with my children and their families. It’s a small world for I saw a girl there that I hadn’t seen for some time, Janice Campbell, daughter of Freida Campbell. She is the granddaughter of Glen and Fern Brown. Janice is as beautiful as ever and has beautiful children. I was so happy to visit with her for a few minutes.

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