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Kids Day bring enjoyment

Hey all! I hope this find you each and every one kicking high. Michael, the boys, and I are doing okay right now. Dalton had strep throat at the beginning of the week, but many antibiotics and missed days of school later, he is back to being the wild child he normally is.

Michael and I took the Dalton to Kids Day at Letcher Elementary School on Saturday to have some fun. Bailey also went, but he was with the Heart Light group from Revelation Ranch.

The ranch did horse and buggy rides with Martha, an eight-year-old Percheron mare who is 19 hands tall. Bailey and Dalton both had a wonderful time and fell asleep right after they ate supper and had their baths. Very unusual for my two.

I’ve been working myself to a frazzle on a denim and homespun rag quilt. I have finally got it all sewn and just need to do the snipping around the edges then wash and dry it so that it will look nice.

Opal Jent baby-sat her grandson Hayden this weekend while his parents Allen and Jessica Jent went to a marriage seminar in Somerset with the Church of Christ. They enjoyed staying at the Kentucky Leadership Center at the 4H camp in Jabez.

Opal loved having Hayden all weekend even if he wears her down. She and David are looking forward to the Chaplin Retreat next week at Buckhorn Resort. Their son Daniel has agreed to house-sit and dog-sit for them. Blair Branch

We are still counting down the days until baby Kylee gets here. It couldn’t be over a week or so at most. I’m so excited. I feel like I am the one expecting. I pray things go smoothly for Deidra and that both she and Kylee will be okay.

Oh, and I hope Sammy doesn’t end up sprawled out in the floor.

Mom and Dad, Allen and Sylvania Whitaker, are doing okay right now. Dad has been behaving himself and followed up with a specialist in Pikeville about the cyst on his thyroid. The specialist felt of Dad’s neck and said he didn’t feel anything but wanted him to come back in June and bring all the scans he had done to make sure everything is okay on those. He will also do a biopsy.

Dad had a stress test done on May 12. He is supposed to go to Lexington to see a vascular surgeon, but we don‘t know the exact date yet. He should find out on May 17 at his appointment with his regular doctor why they think he needs to see the surgeon and when.

Mom was telling me that Ila Adams called her on Sunday and said that she is doing well right now.

Mom also said her sisters Edna Helton and Mattie Adams had called her this weekend. Both of them are doing pretty well and she was happy to hear from them.

Minnie Blair was released from the hospital, is home now, and is doing okay.

Mary Jo Blair fell recently and broke her arm. She was hospitalized and had surgery at Hazard ARH.

Joyce Ison had a knee replacement on May 10 at Pikeville. She is home now and has been in a lot of pain, but is progressing.

My uncle Rulah V. Whitaker had a knee replacement also. Dad spoke with him on Saturday and he was being released to come home. He is having a lot of pain and swelling.

Jake Halcomb is back home now, too. We are so thankful that his kidneys are working a little better and that he didn’t have to be put on dialysis.

Roger Whitaker had surgery on another cyst on May 11. I hope he is healing up well. I worry about him since he is a diabetic.

I spoke with Wanda Whitehead this afternoon and she said that her son Wade is recovering nicely from his motorcycle wreck and surgery. His shoulder is doing a little better too. He has decided not to have surgery on it at this point unless he has to. Good luck keeping him entertained until that leg is healed, Wanda.

Belated birthday wishes to Loretta Sexton, who celebrated her 81st birthday on May 12; Michael Warden was 27 years old on May 16; Delores Warden and Alice Combs will celebrate their birthdays on May 18, Derrick Blair, May 21; Ila Adams and Baylee Albers, May 23; Mattie Adams, May 24; and Nathan Ingram, May 25.

I’d like to say, happy anniversary, to Ward and Dwana Whitaker, who will celebrate their fourth wedding anniversary May 19. I hope you two have many more happy and love-filled years together.

If I have left anyone or anything out, just let me know and I will be glad you get you next time. I hope everyone has a healthy and happy week.

If you would like to contact me, feel free to give me a call or you may email me at alanacouch@hotmail.com.

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