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Kids excited about school opening


Hello everyone, and God bless. Again it has been another busy week.

Happy anniversary to Chad and Crystal Stidham of Whitesburg on July 14. I miss you, little brother.

On Sunday my mom, Judy Branham, and her husband, Rick came up and took Jerrica, Bernard and Bradi back to Eolia with them. After they left, Kevin took John to the park and out to spend some one-on-one time together.

John came back home to me on Monday morning and we spent the day in the backyard.

The Nelson County Fair was this past week. Saturday was the last night of it.

Jeff Lester Jr.’s cousin, Jackie, visited him and his sister C.J. Jackie came from Indianapolis to pick them up and attend the fair.

The local Dairy Queen had a small fire last Sunday night with no major damage and was open by Monday morning.

Several people had noticed that two fire trucks had rushed to the restaurant just a few yards from our house, and many assumed that they’d be closed for a little while, but they were not.

A SYKES job fair was held recently for the SYKES that is scheduled to open in Bardstown this month. It was held at Mitsuba, formerly Jideco, in Jideco Hall.

Flowers Bakery is also scheduled to open soon. It is almost completed in its construction and that will add several people back into the work force.

Our friend David Curry, who lives in Bardstown and travels around Kentucky as far away as London and Middlesboro, has said that Kroger has enacted a hiring freeze.

Jeff Lester has opened his own pump consulting and sales business. He worked in pump repairs and welding for 30 years and sold both his companies that he’d owned for 13 years, then went to Dayton to manage the combined two.

He has returned to Bardstown to be with his kids and his mother and is giving being an entrepreneur another round.

Bardstown City Schools will open for teachers Aug. 3 and the first day back to school will be Aug. 4.

The kids are excited, as they’ve become bored with everything in the house including all their video games, movies, as well as everything outdoors except the ice cream truck that drives through the neighborhood anywhere from four to five times, four days a week.

It’s a nice thing to have, but one can’t help but wonder why kids would pay $4 for a Dora the Explorer ice cream on a stick when DQ Grill and chill is so close, and you can get a blizzard or softserve cone for less than that.

Prayer list this week includes Judy Branham, the family of Phyllis Halcomb, Kathy Beavers, June Clark, Chester Rayburn, Tate Hampton, Jeff Lester Sr., Tracy Cissell, Patricia Caine. Junior Beavers and Jeff Lester.

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