Whitesburg KY

Kids excited the new school year has begun

All students in the Bardstown City School System have reported back to school. Bradi was very excited to be back to riding the bus. She cried at the end of the year when I had to explain that the bus wasn’t coming because she didn’t have school for the summer.

Jerrica began getting excited when the new clothes started to show up, despite the fact that the dress code requires specific color polo shirts and slacks.

The middle school held its open house Thursday, as did the Early Childhood Center. A few of the primary schoolteachers held their open houses July 23.

It has been quite a busy summer. The kids just weren’t sure what to do with themselves. Sometimes the days just seemed to run together into the weekends for those who don’t have a typical Monday through Friday, 9 to 5 grind, and get the weekends off. Neighbors have moved, new neighbors have moved in. So goes life.

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