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Kids want school to reopen

Greetings from Bardstown. Winter has definitely arrived. We have about six to nine inches of snow, depending on where you are located around the area and some drifts are up to 12 inches or more, and roads are still being plowed, salted, and scraped.

The snow began coming down around 7 a.m. Friday, although predictions had been saying that it was coming hours before it actually did. Several factories shut down so employees would be safe and the schools only had school on Tuesday this week.

Bradi and I went out Thursday morning to pick up a few last minute items to make the snowed-in days more enjoyable, such as yummy snacks.

All day Friday the snow was coming down and stopped some time after dark Friday night. This came on top of the two or three inches of snow that we had gotten on Wednesday. Many of our local businesses ran out of salt and snow shovels by late Wednesday.

By Friday early evening, the governor had declared Kentucky under a state of emergency. The kids are definitely ready to head back to school and are inquiring when spring will be arriving.

Last year our hardest snows came in mid February, and during our move to the new house it was worse than what we are dealing with right now.

In community news, a new fire chief will be sworn in next week. Mayor John Royalty will be swearing in Randy Walker. Also last night, during the snowstorm two Bardstown firefighters took a call to aid a woman who had gone into labor with twins and couldn’t get to the hospital due to the weather.

The firefighters stayed on the scene, taking care of the situation until EMTs could arrive in the ambulance. Bardstown firefighters responded quickly and do keep the fire station manned 24 hours a day.

A little farther north, Louisville will be hosting ‘Botcon’ this year at the Galt House. It will be held April 7-11. Several of our area younger people have gotten rather excited about this event and are making plans to attend in spring.

My friend and co-worker Ellen has been at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital for about two weeks now with her daughter Caroline. Caroline has been unresponsive to antibiotics for a severe intestinal infection and has been in two different hospitals since Dec. 26. Prayers are requested for Caroline. She’s 12 years old and was also diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, which cannot be treated until the infection is healed.


Other prayer requests this week are Dano and Margo Huff, Felicia Lyvers, Kathy Beavers, June Clark, Jim Hardesty, Barry and Linda Adams, Michelle Newton, John Rayburn, Jerrica Rayburn, Chester Rayburn, Roberta and Boots Nalley, Sue Brothers, Jeff and Gayle Griggs, Paula Creppes, Tony and Rhonda Davenport, Della Fogle and her daughter Shanna Downs, Kathy Fogle, Kathy Hood, and Tate and Inez Hampton and their family of Eolia.

January isn’t full of a lot of activities as the tourist attractions truly start up in spring. Tourists do come to the area year round for shopping and unique dining experiences.

Bradi and I tried Mammy’s Kitchen at its new location and it was so good that Bradi, although full, made a failed attempt to continue eating a delicious homemade chocolate meringue pie. Our next visit will be for rainbow pancakes off the breakfast menu.

Bourbon distillery tours are also available year round and are most interesting, if you’ve ever wondered how bourbon is made.

I hope everyone stays safe and warm this week and that temperatures get much warmer than what all of us just had. May your blessings be many.

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