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Kimmie Day gets a strike

Hello friends everywhere! How’s everything your way?

I have listened to so many complain about how hot it has been. Well, you will just have to get used to hearing me complain how cold it is.

With the temperature dropping 30 degrees, it is too much for this aging body to take. This has been an unusual and exciting week for me. My health has been so unpredictable that I’ve been in misery, one minute I am feeling all right, and then the next I am heading for a bathroom. I’ve made promises and have to break them at the last minute as I am not able to do so many things I want to.

Tuesday, I decided I would keep a promise, no matter how bad I felt. I surprised Kim Day, who is the daughter of Hayward Day, by showing up at the Harrison Bowl to watch Kimmie bowl. Now I was the one who got the surprise, as I enjoyed watching Kim very much. Kim got a few strikes, and some really hard spares. I will go back again.

It has been over 20 years since I’ve been in the bowling alley. It really was great to sit and watch the group bowl, and to talk to Hayward and his friend. I will go again to watch Kim bowl, and if I can find a lightweight ball I may even bowl a game with her after she is finished with her team bowling. I have a five-inch metal plate and eight screws in my right arm, so I don’t really know if I can throw a ball or not. On second thought, that may not be a good thing for me to even try.

As I said, with health issues I wasn’t sure about Blackey Days. I was very sick a couple of days and was scheduled to work Thursday morning. I simply forced myself to get it done.

I waited till the last minute to pack things I would need. I had reservations at Calvary College to stay at the dorm. I left Harrison at 2 p.m., and I was at Calvary College at approximately 6:30. This was a new experience for me, as for several years I have stayed at Whitesburg Motel, and always got the same room.

The room that I stayed in was really nice. Paul Radosevich, who assigns rooms, doesn’t know anything about me, as we had never met I spoke very briefly to him about reserving a room. There were just about four or five steps for me to climb to my room, and I was very close to the bathroom.

I really want to say thank you to Paul, as the room was almost like it was decorated with me in mind. It had a pink comforter, and there were curtains with pink roses on the closets. The rooms were clean and I was in for quite a surprise as I have never been there, much less stayed. If my health remains good and God lets me live, I will be back next spring.

There’s no TV, so I took a DVD player, with DVDs and CDs. The next time I go I will include a small radio, so I can listen to WMMT.

Thanks to Jim Cornett for telling me about the place, and also a great big thanks to Jim for being my jailer as he would open the door before I picked up my key.

I had to run to Isom to pick up a couple of things that I had forgotten to take with me, and I was in bed sound asleep before ten o’clock.

Friday I went to Blackey. I had a wonderful time, weather was nice, I even got a sunburn on my face.

A Facebook friend, Nan Crofts from Hazard, met me at Blackey. First I want to say it was a pleasure meeting Nan, who loves my cousin Jack Adams as much as I do. Nan and I spent the whole day together, or should I say part of the day as Nan met many of her classmates, and really enjoyed the day.

Southern Ohio

I introduced her to Richard Cornett, and after a few minutes they discovered they had gone to high school together.

Friday evening, I left the event of Blackey Day and went to Campbell’s Branch Community Center. There was a packed house.

Mike and Marcia Caudill made it just in time for supper, but they didn’t stay the entire evening as they had to be back at Blackey Day very early Saturday for the events.

Campbell’s Branch Community Center was planning on cancelling its Friday night event, as not to coincide with Blackey Day event, but the band schedule was so the show should be over in time for Campbell’s Branch. Due to unforeseen things, the bands ran a little longer.

This is for me just added joy as I got to see Sunrise Ridge perform Friday night and Saturday at Blackey Day.

Much to my disappointment, I left Campbell’s Branch a little early, as I didn’t have a key to my room, and I didn’t want to wake Jim Cornett to open my door for me.

Saturday morning found me once again at Blackey, as I go early to get a parking place close. Now the weather was a cold dreary day but I packed a heavy throw and snuggled in my chair, plus I had an extra cover in my car in case I needed it.

Several people came to tell me how smart I was to come prepared. I have been to many outside events, and I know how to prepare. It was worth it just to look at those beautiful mountains.

Nan met me once again and we danced one time together. Towards the end of the day Nan decided to head back to Hazard.

There were a couple of bands left and I was getting very tired as I had been awake since four that morning, so I decided to get ready to leave and find some place that had a bowl of hot soup.

I had put my chair in the bag, picked up my things and I was in for a surprise as my sister-in-law Wanda Hall had come to spend time with me. So I unpacked my chair and made myself comfortable again. It was really good to see Wanda and Mike as I have a new brother-in-law.

I was asked how I felt when Wanda remarried, and I am thankful that there are still men like Mike Hall that are still around. Mike has a pontoon boat on the lake in Tennessee, so of course I am going to invite myself.

Once again I was in for a surprise as they just kept happening. Another Facebook friend, whom I had never met, stopped by to meet me. It was Bernice Grubbs, who owns a florist shop. Yes it was a pleasure to meet Bernice.

Now surprises weren’t over as someone I met about three years ago and have admired walked in front of me saying, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you sitting down.” Darrell Hall was campaigning when I met him. I had no idea who he was, the name of Hall sort of stuck with me. I found out later he is an attorney.

I told my sister-in-law that I love this man. Now let me again clear something up, I didn’t say I was in love, so don’t get your britches in a wad. I also love his beautiful wife. I still think that a mistake was not made for not electing Darrell Hall. I don’t live there or I would have been standing on a street corner campaigning for Darrell.

We didn’t stay until the end of the event as Wanda was having trouble with her stomach, and by this time I was starved. Oh by the way, I wish there was someplace that sold soup!

My niece Sue Hall was planning on meeting up with me, but plans got disrupted and Sue had to head for Dayton to meet Mart. Sue was coming to the dorm to meet me, then she got stuck in traffic and I was afraid I was going to miss out on a parking place, so we didn’t connect.

Sue got me a shirt that says ‘The Mountains are Calling and I Must Go.’ I love this logo and a cookbook from the Gingerbread Festival.

I want to thank Blackey Committee for the great job they do in putting the event of Blackey Day together each year. It seems so nice just to show up with plenty of good music, which is the main reason I go. There’s so much more as there are food booths, crafts of many kinds. Blackey Day event is like huge family reunion.

Thank you, Loye Caudill and your son, for getting my car out of a tight parking spot for me. I really was only teasing when I asked who would like to get my car out for me. I could have gotten it out with lots of stress for me, even with the backup camera. Loye was even nice enough to get my chair for me so I didn’t have to leave my car.

I met a very nice lady named Mary Jo Blair. My sister Loretta Church was in Letcher Manor with her sister.

So many people came to me saying how much they enjoy my column, which is wonderful to hear. I am sorry I didn’t write down everyone’s names.

Doris, it was good to talk to you again. I didn’t realize you were good friends with my sister-in-law Wanda. You said you sit with her at Hemphill Community Center.

The bands all did a great job performing. Will Caudill of Rt. 7 tried to keep me in the community center as he almost closed the door on me. I fooled him as I held on. I could listen to Will sing all day as he has such a beautiful, soothing voice.

I met James Stiltner, who plays lead guitar for Will and different bands several years ago in Fairborn, never dreaming I would see him at different places in the mountains of eastern Kentucky.

I enjoyed spending sometime with Mike and Marcia Caudill. There’s one thing I want to do if at all possible if the weather will cooperate. I want to go somewhere to see Mike dressed in his Santa suit. Yes, I know that is usually reserved for children, well just call me a big kid, that is my desire.

Carcassonne Square Dance is Oct. 20, 6 to 9 p.m. Come hungry as they have great food. Sunrise Ridge will be performing.

I would be heading back again, except Tuesday I get a scope to check on Barret’s Syndrome, which is pre-cancerous cell in my esophagus. My daughter Angie Wiederhold will have foot surgery Thursday, Oct. 18. I have to help her for at least two months, and I have a cardiology appointment Oct 19.

Sunday morning when I awoke I could hear the rain falling on the tin roof of the campus and I didn’t want to get up. I finally got up to get my day started as I decided to head back home since Old Time Fiddlers was Sunday afternoon. It rained all the way on me, and I drove very cautiously. I left at 8 a.m. and arrived in front of my house at 12. Old Time Fiddlers opens the doors at 12:30. We had a good crowd and real good music.

As I drove in different areas, I have never seen so many campaign posters that greet you. Mike Watts, Terry Adams, Cheddy Smith, Ricky Rose and Mickey Stines, I wish I lived in the district I sure would be voting for you, and I would be campaigning to get rid of that so-called Governor of Kentucky.

Hello to Les and Pat Wagner, I will try to get around to calling you.

Ann Calihan was due to have some minor surgery, but I don’t have an update as I didn’t have phone service while I was in the mountains. I was so tired after I got home from Old Time Fiddlers that I fell asleep.

Time is catching up with me. Until next time, Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Rd., Harrison, Ohio 45030, email: Bluegrassmama4@aol.com.

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