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Mostly sunny

Kings mark 57th wedding anniversary

Northeast Ohio

Howdy and hope you are having nicer weather than we are. Ole Man Winter just has to let us know he’s still around.

You shoulda seen these old people. We had to get a new sump pump and install it. Our old one was so overworked it just gave one final gurgle and expired. Red went out and got a new one which would not work at all, so out it came and back to the store for an exchange. Put it in and the only way it would work was by giving it a gentle nudge, which would entail someone having to either stay in the basement or keep running up and down the stairs. No one volunteered, so back for another pump, a different brand this time. Glory be, it works! I said we did all this, but my contribution consisted of hold this, hand me that or go get me something else. We had only one casualty; there was a plastic band on the cord so Red decided to cut it with his knife, which slipped and really made a gash on his thumb. He’s on Plazix so he bleeds freely and a lot. There was so much blood you would have thought he had cut his thumb completely off. He says he’ll live.

I must apologize to Buddy and Doris Phillips King. I forgot their anniversary, which was on Jan. 12, one day after Jeanie and Phil who celebrated on Jan. 11. If I’m right, this will be 57 years for Buddy and Doris. I’m sorry but I do hope you had a great day and may you have many, many happy years together.

Billy Wayne’s new venture is beginning to take off pretty good now. He’s having customers coming from out of town to purchase work clothes. I don’t know if I gave the name of his store but it is Engle’s.

Red does seem to be a bit better, but he could be worse by morning. Seems that’s the way things have been going with him.

I want to send a big hello, love and prayers to Edna Bentley at the Masonic Home in Masonic, Ky. She’s a relative of mine, is 99 and very alert when talking on the phone with her. I would dearly love to meet her. I bet she could tell me a lot about my relatives and about all those who lived on Millstone when my Grandma Sergent lived there.

Hope Arthur and Joyce Sergent are both doing well and also hope the children of the late Nathan Isaac are coping well.

Creda Isaac, I was glad to see you are writing news about the Colson Senior Citizens Center. Now maybe I will hear more about folks I grew up with or knew way back when. You did mention at least two familiar names, Hobart Sergent and Opalene Collins Anderson. Just where is the center located? Is it in the Beckham Bates School building?

Hello to Bobby Joe and Madonna Pass. Hope you are both well and still filling the airways with those beautiful mountain gospel songs. Hope you keep doing this forever and ever. Love you both.

Hello, Oma Hatton, Gladys Smith, Rose Ballard Durham, hope everything is well with each of you. I’m still hoping we can get together for a gabfest someday. We’ll include Creda Isaac and all the rest who write articles for The Mountain Eagle. I have only one request, let’s make sure it’s summertime.

I have talked to both Jettie and Georgia. Georgia is feeling much better and Chester and Jettie’s son Rodney and all his family treated Chester to a pizza party for his birthday. They brought the pizza, soft drinks and cake to Chester. That’s my kind of party, bring the fixing and do the cleanup.

Greetings to some Michigan residents, first of all to my cousins, Denver and Lorene Profitt in Romulus, and Ed and Lourene Watts and also Gomer Goins, all from Garden City. Stay well and stay warm.

Time to give everyone a rest, so till next time y’all have a great week, stay healthy and have a most peaceful life.

Emma Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain OH 44055, (440) 233-7548, emmalouengle@yahoo.com.

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