Whitesburg KY

Kingscreek seniors go on shopping trip

Hello again. Hope you have had a good week. Spring is trying to move back in. Hope how soon it’s ready to stay. So much to do outside.

Had a good day at the center Tuesday. Just sewing and good fellowship. So many of our girls aren’t feeling well.

Thursday, we went shopping in Hazard. Those taking the trip were Sue Williams, Judy Eldridge, Faye Herron and myself. Cathy Ingram drove us. She’s great about stopping where we want to shop.

A big thank you to the Blackey Center for the loan of a van. Ours had troubles and has to be fixed so we borrowed one. We miss our van. It is so easy to get in and out of.

Thursday night at Pickin’ in the Pound I got to see one of the ladies from Oven Fork Center. Her name is Ruby. She is so nice and always fixes food for the potluck at Pound.

Talked to Eulah Miller this morning. She didn’t feel up to going shopping with us but is better today. I just love to talk to her. Since I’ve been going to the center I have met some very interesting ladies. Everyone has a story and I am inquisitive (nosy) about people. Love to hear their life story.

Hope you are taking a little time to enjoy the blooms on the Bradford pears, the Japanese flowering quince, and the magnolias. They are really showing off this spring. Aren’t we blessed to live in a country so very beautiful? When I look at the news and see the desolation everywhere else, I look out my window at our mountains and my heart swells with pride. We could have been born somewhere else but for the grace of God.

I also have a very nice neighbor who has a tall flagpole in his yard. Any time I go out I see Old Glory. Heart rendering things like that are the only things that really make me cry. Meanness, cruelty and insults don’t do it, but tenderness and our country can really bring on tears of happiness and gratitude.

That’s about all for this week but will visit again next week. Until then, take care of yourself and laugh — laughter in the best medicine.

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