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Kingscreek seniors have stockings hung

Seasons greetings from all the Kingscreek senior citizens.

We were all excited about the Christmas party and dinner we hoped to have on Dec. 14. We were planning to have some of the most delicious finger foods and exchange our gifts. We all drew names and are trying to keep the names a secret. It sure is hard not to tell whose name we got. We are all acting like a bunch of kids.

Cathy Ingram, our site manager, has our center decorated so beautifully. You get the Christmas spirit just looking at everything. The tree stands beside the fireplace, and all our stockings are hung up on the mantle. The tables are all done up in red, green and gold.

Little green trees are on each table with gold Christmas ornaments in vases, red tablecloths on each table. It’s so festive.

Cathy always decorates for each holiday, but Christmas is our favorite. She is so talented. Thanks, Cathy, for taking the time to make us happy.

Margie Sturgill had her 89th birthday Dec. 17. Almost all of her children came to help her celebrate on Dec. 18. She only has 95 children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren.

Wouldn’t you love to see her Christmas tree with all those presents? Santa will be very busy. Belated happy birthday wishes, Marg.

Faye and Marvin have done most of their shopping. Marvin still isn’t doing too well health-wise. Get better, Marvin.

Judy, Monica and Greg all shopped in Hazard recently. Judy said they had a ball.

Coleen and Jenida (sisters) have been painting pinecones for decorations. I’m sure they are so pretty. Those two keep us laughing. We are so proud you joined our center. It always makes a person feel better, just to laugh a little.

Sue and Levon are doing fair. We love them both.

George visits almost every day. We enjoy having him.

Arnold and Elaine are both doing better. Elaine, we need to see more of you.

Mae Boggs has gone to visit with her children. Hurry back, Mae.

Ethel Banks’s grandchildren came in for a visit around Thanksgiving. She was so happy to see them.

Eulah Miller has been so very sick. Get well, Eulah.


orene Hampton has

had her sister in for a few days.

Barb Eldridge and Barb Huff are busy as bees. Russell A. says all he can do is work, work, work. We believe him. He put up about a millions lights around his house. I’m sure Santa will be able to see your house. We will have to ask Ann if he has been a good boy.

As for me, I’m trying to keep a low profile. My children are calling me ‘Scrooge.’

Loreva Fields’s boys have been to visit her. It always makes her feel better to see them.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year from all of us.

Until next time, God bless all.

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