Whitesburg KY

Kingscreek seniors to visit Frankfort

Hello again, friends.

Everyone has been commenting about our weather. One thing sure, it is never boring. If you don’t like what it is doing, give it a little while and it will change.

We met at the Kingscreek Center Thursday. Did quite a bit of work. They finished the quilt for Eulah Miller and tacked one for Mae Boggs.

They are planning a trip to Frankfort to let them know how we feel about the budget cuts for seniors. Will give details when we get home.

Lots of plans are being made for gardens, flowers, trips, weddings, church functions and yard sales. Spring brings a whole new set of things to do.

Another big event is graduation. I have two granddaughters graduating from high school. One, Sierra Dollarhyde, here at Whitesburg, the other, Ashley Dollarhyde, at Pigeon Forge High School in Tennessee.

All the other children will be out of school too. I loved summers when my own kids were in school. We had lots of picnics, cookouts, day trips and just plain lazy days.

One of my best friends called me this morning. Tracy Oliver, who is a teacher at Plain Elementary School in Simpsonsville, S.C., was on a four-day week, was just bragging because those were unused snow days. She used to teach here in Letcher County and has more patience with children than anyone I know.

My sister Jona Fields and her husband and I went to our usual Thursday night potluck with the mayor of Pound, Va., Jackie Gilliam. We always have a good time there. The music was good and we had visitors from Wilkes-Barre, Penn. A group of students from Kings College were there helping fix houses for people who needed help. It always pleases me to see young people doing good and then being noticed. Most of the time you only hear the bad things young people do. I would like to see more praise for the good ones.

I’ve run out of steam so will stop bending your ears. Take care of yourselves and laugh. It will not only make you feel better, but makes other people wonder what you are up to.

Take care of yourselves and think happy thoughts. I will be.

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