Whitesburg KY

Kingscreek seniors visit rec center

Hi from Kingscreek Center.

We have been busy the last few days. One thing was enjoying the rain (ha, ha).

Last week we did the usual except on Thursday the air conditioning quit. It got very hot in the center — too hot to be very comfortable. Since it wasn’t fixed we did not meet this Tuesday.

Judy Eldridge and her son Greg called and asked me to go with them to the flea market in Virginia. Even if Wednesday was cool and rainy we had fun. We had dinner at Prime Sirloin. The good was great.

Got a call on Wednesday evening that Carlos Cornett of Big Branch had died. My condolences go out to Kaye Cornett, his wife, and his two sons, Josh and Jeremy, also to his mother, Grace Cornett.

Thursday, we went to a health fair at the new rec center. Going from our center were Judy Eldridge, Faye Herron, Eulah Miller, Sue Williams, Erva Hart, Loreen Hampton, Harold Day and myself. Cathy Ingram drove us.

We were invited to bowl while at the rec center. The ones from Kingscreek who bowled were Eulah Miller, Harold Day and myself. None of us were professionals, but we had fun and it’s good exercise.

The rec center is a great place and has a lot to offer. I do have one suggestion before someone gets hurt bad. The step down in front is hard for old eyes to see. Please paint it in a bright color and write “step down” or “caution” or something to save someone a very nasty fall.

High school graduation is Friday and one of my granddaughters will be graduating. We all love you, Sierra Dollarhyde, and are proud of all our grads.

Have been garden watching — everyone’s flowers and veggies are so pretty. Nothing like seeing nature at her best.

That’s about all for me this week, but remember life is short. Don’t waste a minute of it hating someone .

Have a good week and hug someone.

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