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Kittens climb up and down in two-story cage

North Carolina

It has been a cool, pleasant day in the Carolinas and a nice evening. As usual I have had a busy day, a little of this and a little of that, an expression I hear quite often.

I put my baby kittens in a twostory cage and it is interesting to watch them go up and down.

We had our last homecoming until fall. It was at Pastor James Seamster’s Holiness Tabernacle Church in Wilmington, N.C.

We had much needed rain; the gardens were dry.

I fried squash for lunch and it was delicious. It seems Rose Ballard Durham and I both like polk or poke – either way it is delicious. Someone told Pete it was poison and he declines to eat it. I eat enough for both of us. I read Rose’s column and we cook the same, soup beans, fried potatoes, cornbread. But, Rose, we fry our cornbread.

I don’t guess anyone can beat Emma Engle’s stack cake. I remember my mom’s. Like Emma, I quilt. I have two started, not finished. I won ribbons on two of my quilts.

Hello to Emma and Rose. I enjoy reading your columns.

Michael and Andrea Clemmons are Caleb and Alizah’s grandpa and grandma too. Yes, we’re an interracial family. My daughter-in-law is onehalf black. My grandbabies are one-fourth black. Chanel is wonderful and I wouldn’t change her.

I have been praying for something to be done about dog and chicken fighting, so I read in the Star News that animal fighting legislation passed. Those engaged in cockfighting and dog fighting could face up to three years in prison and a big fine. This is great. I personally think those activities are beyond belief. Like I told someone, I like animals more than people. People are responsible for their actions; animals aren’t.

As people of the week I choose Mr. Doug Brown and wife Betty of Southport, N.C. Brother Doug has cancer and needs prayer. They are members of the Apostolic faith while I am Pentecostal, but I have friends in all churches. Sister Betty has driven a school bus in Southport for many, many years.

Pat and Jim Kilbourn are down at their beach house. Son Jimmy and family were due in to visit. They will have a nice visit with Pat and Jim, sun, beach, and seafood.

I got a nice long letter from Joyce Whitaker of Blackey. It just made my day. Then I got a call from dear friends that moved to Bristol, Va. Gee, we miss them, Sis and Bro Sesco.

Each one of us makes preparations for school, cooking, traveling, etc., so I am going to close with this: Consider the best preparation we can make for the changes that may be before us. We must keep up a constant acquaintance and communion with God, converse with Him daily, so that when trouble comes it may find the wheels of prayer going. Then may we come to God with a humble boldness and comfort, then when afflictions come we are prepared to handle them with faith, knowing God has control. Many are the afflictions of the righteous.

Love and peace to all, the Smith house and critters. Wish you to best of everything you want. Gladys Smith, 393 Danford Rd. SE, Bolivia, N.C. 28422.

Hi, brother Vernon and Connie.

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