Whitesburg KY

KRCC adds housing in Jenkins

Six new apartment units, called Lilac Court, are being built on Wright Hollow Road in Jenkins.

The apartments are being construction by Kentucky River Community Care (KRCC) and are part of the Mulberry Housing Project, also being built in Breathitt County. “What we’re doing is expanding the housing options for our community,” said Louise Howell, executive director of KRCC.

Each apartment will have two bedrooms and a bathroom, containing its own appliances such as a washer and dryer, refrigerator and dishwasher.

“It’s important because there’s very little housing stock in the area at this time and we’re providing safe, decent and affordable living,” said Phillip Hardin, KRCC facilities director. Lilac Apartments are expected to be completed in July.

“The goal is to improve housing opportunities and to provide safe and secure housing,” said Howell.

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