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Mostly sunny

Kristi Bates marks birthday by skydiving


The Colson seniors have been working on our Christmas project and it’s looking so good. Thanks to all who have helped and to those folks who have donated materials. We did take time out one day to play Bingo. Nora Logan wasn’t there so the rest had a chance to win. Nora always wins! Don Fultz was a big winner; he and Nancy are such a joy to be around.

Imogene Sexton and Joann Hall went on a trip to Branson last week and had a great time. Joann’s sisterin law Judy has been in and went with her to Branson. These girls have fun all the time. It’s untelling where they will go next, but I wish they would let me go too!

I enjoyed a phone visit with my cousin, Ray Baker from Jackson, Ohio. He is the son of my Uncle Henry Dow and Martha Profit Baker. His daughter Tammy is interested in her family tree so she and I are going to be working together on the family. I am so glad that some of the younger generation are interested.

Cheyenne Jent, the only girl drummer in the Letcher Central Band, and some others attended the Percussive Arts Society International Convention this weekend in Indianapolis. I hope they had a good trip.

Some of the deer hunters had a successful weekend. Keith Baker, Jeremy Burns and Hank Caudill each got one. Krystal wanted to go but had other things to do so she will have to go later.

Get well wishes to Margaret Combs, Linda Lucas, Randy Elswick, and Kathy Richardson Collins. May God bless each of the ones who are sick.

Those attending the Letcher County Historical Society meeting this week were Merlene Day, Joann Hall, Judy, Phyllis Caudill, Bennie Slone, Randy Bentley, Helen Bentley, Marsha Banks, Ann Reynolds, Jean Cook, Bufford Caudill, Sherry Howard, Zandra Perry, Annette Bates, Danna Richardson, Dr. David Narramore, Maxine Quillen and myself. We discussed ways to raise the money for the monument to honor Letcher County Giant Martin Van Buren Bates. If you wish to donate, please call Maxine Quillen at 633-1104 or me at 855-7338. Any amount will be greatly appreciated. We need to raise $50,000 or more. Thanks to all who have donated so far.

Happy birthday to Beckham Bates, Lola Bates Eldridge, Larry Jent and Lettie Slone Hall. I was going to tell Lettie’s age but decided not to for reasons like she will pay me back! Oh, Kristi Bates did her birthday up big time — she went skydiving. You go, girl!

We were so sorry to hear of the death of Ford Richardson. He lived in Florida. His sister Faye Anderson and her son Terry had visited with him and Hermina not long ago. Faye’s brother Don is very ill also. We love you, Faye, and will be praying for all your family.

Maxine has been on a road trip to Tennessee again and enjoyed every minute of it. That gal sure does go a lot.

Hemphill Community Center is having a potluck dinner this Friday night. Please bring a dish of your favorite food to share.

The Colson Center is having a potluck dinner on Friday at 11 a.m. at our center. We always have plenty of food and eat all day. Come and join us, and someone please bring some green beans and dumplings. I don’t like shucky beans! I know I am strange, but no shucky beans for me.

Debbie Brock, Brittany and Lettie have been in Florida this week at their place. She said the weather was really nice.

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