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KSP to mark 61st anniversary

I think I will write about a different and perhaps touchy subject this time around. It’s a subject which is on the mind of a lot of people but for the wrong reason. A good many people think about this subject, not about how important it is, but how much they can get away with.

I am referring to the Kentucky State Police, whom we could not survive without them being out on our highways.

On July 1 the Kentucky State Police will have been serving the people of Kentucky for 61 years. They have been talked about in a derogatory manner, threatened and even killed by an ungrateful public which they are required to serve and protect.

Believe it or not, they are not heinous monsters. They have feelings just like anyone else, families to support, and taxes to pay. True, there are some who have a rather short fuse which reflects on the whole force, but don’t condemn all of them because of a select few. By the same token they are not going to let anyone use them for target practice either. They are out there to serve and protect and that means protect themselves too.

I suppose that sometimes trying to protect someone is about like trying to pet a rattlesnake when it doesn’t want to be petted, especially in domestic violence situations, because one never knows what to expect and an ordinary, everyday situation can turn deadly in a matter of seconds. A couple may have a knockdown, drag-out fight every few days and sometimes even daily, but try to haul one of them off to the soup bean hotel and see what transpires. I think some couples act in this manner because both of them want to be the dominant one in the household and that won’t work.

The Kentucky Highway Patrol was formed in 1936 and consisted of 40 officers for the whole state. By 1938 there were 200 officers, which is still unbelievable. The KSP was born July 1, 1948 and I haven’t the faintest idea just how many there are now. I do know they have a much broader jurisdiction, which means they have a lot more to contend with besides traffic control.

The condition our society is in at the present time, if we had a trooper for every 20 square miles, which we don’t, we would still not have enough and I seriously doubt they are paid enough for what they do and the risks they endure.

I have been driving 48 years and haven’t had an “at fault” accident and haven’t gotten a traffic citation yet, but if I violate the law I very well expect to get one. I have always supported the KSP and always will and I wouldn’t even attempt to get out on the highway and drive if they were not out there too.

A couple of years ago me and my son-in-law were traveling in Russell County and pulling a small utility trailer after dark. A vehicle had been tailgating us for some time when suddenly blue lights began flashing behind us. My son-in-law muttered “uh-oh” but it was the tailgater who got pulled over. I sure would like to see more of that in this neck of the woods, because it is idiotic to ride someone’s bumper trying to get them to go faster and I call drivers such as this “bloomin’ idiots,” a term they rightly deserve because they have the option of allowing more driving time to compensate for those not used to the Indy 500 speed.

Well, that’s all from the funny farm till next time.

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