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Kudzu vines are taking over

Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well and getting ready for winter. I’m never ready, but I do like to watch it snow. I don’t like to have it on the roads and I’ve never found a way to keep it off.

I’m sure enjoying this pretty weather. I love working outside and I’ve been fighting the kudzu vines or whatever the name for them. They seem to be taking over everywhere. I think this is the worst I’ve ever seen them.

I got a call from my sister Joanne Brown in Indiana. She said they had got them a beagle dog. They are pleased with it and they will get attached to it. It sounded beautiful, black and brown. We always had beagle dogs and hounds and I always had a pug. They were my favorite. We kept them until they passed away and my husband had passed away by then. We have a pet cemetery around the hill. Larry has always taken care of it and he visits it often. I can settle with outside cats now.

Larry Hatton had a birthday and it wasn’t a 16th. Kevin Day and wife Wendy (and L.K.D., Larry) took him to the Mexican restaurant with his wife Linda. They enjoyed it all and they even brought me some and I’ve enjoyed it all. It was so good!


My sister Betty Tyree came out and spent the evening with me and I enjoyed it. I don’t get much company, but I do get lots of phone calls and love them, but it’s better when you see them in person. But a little thing like work changes things and I am glad they have jobs.

My pastor, Bro. John Conn, and wife had been in Tennessee visiting his son Daniel and family. He really enjoyed his visit and we are all glad he’s back home. Bro. Delmar Butler and wife Linda filled in from him and we were glad to see them.

I was pleased to that my sister Betty went to church with me. There was no church service at her church that night.

My brother Hubert Howard and wife Joyce are visiting some of their family this weekend and celebrating his birthday. I went up to give him a birthday card and he was gone. I stopped at the Howard Carpet Store to see Charles and he and his wife Brenda were out to lunch. So I went to shop for groceries and went home.

I haven’t heard from my brother John Howard and wife in a while.

I’m sure glad my brother Hillard Howard and his family were all right after the hurricane in Florida. We were all so worried about them and he was worried about his son Ben in another part of Florida.

My great-grandson Beau Hatton and Lauren Bird are getting ready for their marriage in November. They will be going to college here and working jobs and living here and being busy! busy! We wish them all the luck in the world! We are proud of them.

I look forward to hearing from all my sons every day and knowing what they are doing, and of course telling me what all their children are doing.

I was glad Rose Ballard got to go to Blackey Days. I think she would go if she wasn’t able and still enjoy it. I would have loved to go. That’s where I was born and I lived there until I was 11 years old. I still remember the people and still see some of them every once in awhile. Some of them are preachers and I try to go to the funerals to see and hear them, Bros. Danny Dixon and Elwood Cornett and his wife Kathy and many more. I’m not good at remembering names.

I enjoyed Bro. Rodney Allen on the radio this morning. He is our Sunday school teacher at our church and we are proud of him. He’s filling in for his brother Tim Allen, who is having some health problems. He needs prayer that he can soon get back to it. I’ve known these brothers about all their lives and also their parents. A good family!

I haven’t heard from any of my friends this week except Linda Hall. Hello, Linda! She says she hates to bother me. Keep it up, Linda! I’ve known her about all her life. She and all her family are like our family. Not many of our Marlowe people are still with us.

Hello to everyone and have a good day. May God bless all of you. Try to be in church somewhere if you are able.

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