Whitesburg KY

Kynect social planned

The Kynect Sunday social will be held from 1 to 5 p.m. on May 18 in the Whitesburg Mountain Comprehensive Health Corporation (MCHC) patient parking lot.

The event will include kynect signup information, a health fair, gospel singing, food and inflatables.

The 2014 open enrollment period for health insurance has ended. The 2015 open enrollment period begins November 15, but Kentuckians can still apply for 2014 coverage if they have certain life events that involve a change in their family or loss of other health coverage. Those experiencing a qualifying life event can come see one of MCHC’s kynect specialists to help with the special enrollment period. Applications are accepted for Medicaid or KCHIP at any time of the year.

The Medicaid expansion provision of the Affordable Care Act requires states to expand Medicaid to cover all non-elderly residents with incomes up to 128 percent federal poverty level (FPL) starting Jan. 1, 2014. Individuals will no longer need to meet both income and other medical or categorical requirements (e.g., children, disabled, etc.) to be eligible for Medicaid. The expansion will enable childless adults (ages 19 to 64) to get Medicaid.

Depending on household size and income, you may be eligible for the new MAGI Medicaid. Those who fall below the 138% FPL are eligible for the new MAGI Medicaid.

Those who are not eligible for the MAGI Medicaid still may be eligible for help with health insurance. Through kynect, you may be eligible for things like advanced premium tax credits or cost sharing reductions which means the government will give you money to help pay your monthly premiums. MCHC will be the community resource for questions about Medicaid expansion and kynect. MCHC will also provide in person assistance that will help every step of the way. MCHC has certified application counselors, known as kynectors, throughout every MCHC clinic that can help with the application process and answer any questions. MCHC is not the only way to sign up for the Kynect; you can contact Kynect over the phone or actually do the application online.

For additional information, go to www.kynect. ky.gov or call 1 (855) 459- 6328.

Call MCHC’s outreach enrollment specialist (Kynector) Zach Sturgill at 1 (606) 633-4871. Call Appalachian Regional Healthcare (ARH) Kynect specialists Kathy Quillen at (606) 633-3537 and Rachel Maggard at (606) 633 3577.

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