Whitesburg KY

Labor Day brings sad memories

Hello everyone. I hope all of you had a good week. Mine has been good, peaceful and quiet.

I’ve been trying to get some housework done, but you know how that is.

This is usually a sad week for me because my mother, Mary Fields, passed away on Labor Day weekend a few years back. I sure do miss her. She was a good friend, as well as a good mother. Everyone seemed to like her, and I am a lot like her, as far as never meeting a stranger. I can talk to anyone, and sometimes outtalk them.

Please keep Glen and Tootsie Miles Ratliff and Sonya Rita Rayburn Money and Sam in your prayers. Glen and Sonya are in real bad health, and their spouses need prayer for strength.

Sonya and Sam live in Columbus, Ind., but are home with Earl and Hazel at this time. Also, keep Hazel and Earl in your prayers, as well as Mary Lou Fields.

My niece, Pam Fields, called from Arkansas the other night and had me laughing until I was crying. She was telling me of a dream where a snake kissed her on the lips, and she wet all over herself. I would have too. Pam said to tell everyone that she is still alive, but that the devil is after her and almost got her.

She said that if the snake had gotten in her mouth, she probably would be dead. She is so funny sometimes; I needed a good laugh anyway.

Oma Hatton, I loved the baby picture of you 79 years ago. You looked so adorable. I also really liked the photos of Thula Ison when she was younger. Everyone was so cute. I hope both of you ladies have a good week.

It doesn’t take much to entertain us up here on Cowan. My neighbor was running around with a pop bottle knocking down cobwebs. Now, ‘ain’t that something?’

Well folks, not much else going on around here, just feeling a little goofy this week.

Everyone have a good week, attend the church of your choice, and pray for someone until next time.

I hated to hear about Roger Fields dying. I knew he was in bad health. I didn’t know John Caudill, but I was sorry to hear about his death. Our sympathy goes out to both families.

I hope Jody Fields is doing better after his accident, and also Ron Lester. You’re in our prayers.

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