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Lack of money led to death

What is a human life worth? Apparently not very much.

I had three boys and one girl, but now I am minus a son who always had compassion for other humans. When he began having chest pain and shortness of breath, my daughter drove him to a local medical facility to see a doctor, but was told to see his family doctor the following day.

But as he stood before the judgment throne with no insurance or money, he was told he couldn’t see a doctor.

In the early morning hours a few days later on Dec. 15, he died of a massive heart attack which could have been prevented. But he couldn’t get through the bureaucratic red tape to get near a doctor.

Although he had compassion for others, he received none in return. He was only a number. The heart attack didn’t kill my son, the red tape did.

To put it plainly, he died because he was indigent. He was proud to be a coal miner but became disabled. After he became disabled, things he used to do with ease he could no longer do. And like me, his hands shook so badly be could barely write.

He was an electrician, an EMT and a qualified mine foreman, but all that evaporated when he could no longer work. He was expected his disability but didn’t live to get it. He agonized over his debts because he had no way to pay them.

About two weeks before he died, he told me he didn’t know what to do or which way to turn. One thing for sure, the judges who sentenced my son to death will someday have to stand before God and be judged by Him and not by man.

Until next time from the funny farm.

Contributing writer Relon Hampton lives at Premium.

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