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Lady Cougars take tourney

On August 22, the Lady Cougar Classic Volleyball Tournament was held at Letcher County Central High School. The tournament field consisted of Letcher Central, Leslie County, Harlan, and Harlan County. After the smoked cleared Saturday evening, the Lady Cougars were the champions of the Cougar Classic.

Round robin play started at 10 a.m. that morning with the Lady Cougars taking on the Harlan Green Dragons. Letcher Central won this match pretty handily 2-0 (25-7, 25-6). In the first set, LCC was led by the serving of senior Sierra Bates who scored seven points to extend the Cougar lead. Led by the hard spikes of juniors Myrika Begley and Lisa Frazier and the defense and hard hitting of sophomore Erica Meade, the Lady Cougars cruised to victory.

In the second set, the Lady Cougars jumped out to an early 4- 0 lead due to the serving of sophomore Jenetta Dixon. Senior Victoria Halcomb and sophomore Sierra Dixon did a good job serving, as well as making hard hits that the Green Dragons couldn’t handle. Freshman Ari Nichols did a good job setting the ball and making plays around the net. Sophomore Kristen Blair did an excellent job playing back court defense at the Libero position.

The second round robin match for the Lady Cougars was against the Lady Black Bears of Harlan County. This match was a little tougher but LCC went on to win 2-0 (25-15, 25-11). In the first set, the Lady Cougars was led by hard hits and spikes by senior Brittany Sexton and Lisa Frazier. Kristen Blair turned in another good performance as a back court defender. Victoria Halcomb and Erica Meade also did a good job serving as both had stretches where they scored seven straight points.

In the second set, Jenetta Dixon scored 13 straight points serving in helping the Lady Cougars cruise to victory. This was supported by the solid serving of her sister, Sierra Dixon, and the hard hitting and spiking of Victoria Halcomb, Erica Meade, and Myrika Begley. Brittany Sexton also spiked the ball well and did a good job blocking on the net.

The third match of the round robin for Letcher Central was against its old foe in the 14th Region, Leslie County. It was a rematch from last week but the results were the same as the Lady Cougars won 2-0 (25-14, 25-7).

In the first set, Sierra Bates scored five points serving and her hard spikes set the tone. Again, Victoria Halcomb, Erica Meade, Lisa Frazier, and Brittany Sexton all made hard hits and spikes around the net. Ari Nichols did a good job in serving and net play, and Kristen Blair turned in another stellar performance with her back court defense.

At the beginning of the second set, the Lady Cougars jumped out to a 9-0 lead from the serving of Jenetta Dixon. Her twin sister Sierra Dixon also scored 5 points serving which helped extend the lead. Jenetta Dixon also did a good job setting the ball to Myrika Begley, Sierra Bates, and Brittany Sexton who delivered some devastating spikes. Erica Meade played solid again as she played good back court defense and served the ball well.

Other scores in round robin play were:

Leslie County over Harlan County 2-1 (10-25, 25-20, 25-10).

Leslie County over Harlan 2-0 (25-19, 25-12).

Harlan County over Harlan 2-0 (25-10, 25-11).

In tournament play semifinals, the number one seed, Letcher Central, played the number four seed, Harlan. This match-up resembled the match-up earlier in the day as LCC won 2-0 (25-5, 25- 8).

In the first set, Sierra Dixon scored 14 straight points serving, helping the Lady Cougars jump out to a huge lead. Lisa Frazier, Myrika Begley, and Sierra Bates again contributed with their hardto handle hits and spikes. Erica Meade had another solid performance with her back court defense.

In the second set, Sierra Dixon “only scored” seven straight points this time, helping Letcher Central jump out to an early lead. Victoria Halcomb performed well again, with her hard hitting and solid net play. Lisa Frazier also played well with her hard-to-return spikes. Sophomore substitute Jessica Craft came into the game and did a good job of hitting and spiking the ball. Sophomore substitutes Ana Morris and Lauren Thomas came in and did a good job serving.

In the second semifinal match, Harlan County rebounded from its earlier loss to Leslie County and beat the Lady Eagles 2-0 (25-10, 25-19).

In the match for third place, Leslie County defeated Harlan 2- 0 (25-18, 25-16).

The championship match of the Cougar Classic pitted the Lady Cougars against their border rival, Harlan County, for the second time this tournament. Results were again similar as Letcher Central defeated the Lady Black Bears 2-0 (25-5, 25-8).

Led again by the strong serving of Sierra Dixon and the solid setting of her twin sister Jenetta Dixon, the Lady Cougars dominated the first set. They were supported by hard hitting of Victoria Halcomb and Erica Meade and the spiking of Sierra Bates and Lisa Frazier. Myrika Begley did a good job playing on the net and Kristen Blair again came in at the Libero position and did a good job defensively.

During the second set, Myrika Begley may have played her best volleyball all year as she did a good job blocking, hitting, and spiking. Victoria Halcomb and Sierra Bates hit the ball hard and often. Erica Meade also hit the ball hard and played good defense. The Libero, Kristen Blair, also played some of her best volleyball as she was all over the floor playing defense.

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