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Lafe Marcum loses battle with cancer

Southern Ohio

Hello again everyone!

Are you thinking spring yet? As I start this column we are having snow, such small pellets are falling.

Vickie Power and I went to the little antique town called Waynesville, Ohio. On the way there where the snow had melted the grass was so green, it made you believe spring is around the corner. When it gets summer, I am going to get me a big walking cane. When I hear the first person say it is too hot, I might whack them!

I am enjoying my electric fireplace so much. The only thing, it keeps the living room warm and the furnace doesn’t kick on so the rest of the house isn’t warm enough to suit me, so I snuggle under an electric blanket and keep an electric heater on in the bathroom. I will do anything to save the propane gas as I can’t afford another $700 plus to fill the tank again. I am still thinking about selling the house in the spring!

I want to send out a special hello to my little extra mountain mama the late Alma Whitaker’s daughter Lola Hogg, ‘Sis’ as she has always been known, and to her husband Ralph Hogg, who I understand is from the Hot Spot area. I believe Ralph and Sis now make their home in Michigan. If not, blame my friendly reporter Polly Maucher for the wrong information.

Lola is the sister of a dozen Whitaker clan, well, almost a dozen, and while I am at it hello to Bud ’Lavine’ Whitaker in Texas, and to all you local Whitaker clan hello also.

Linda Whitaker Day, I hope you are feeling much better. You have to get better because I want to see you and Darrell and that handsome son of yours at Letcher County Day in September. I spoke to Linda and she sends a thank you to all the people for cards, food and most of all prayers.

Just when I think about giving up writing this column something happens and here I am again! Of course everyone would miss hearing about the famous Frick and Frack brothers and their escapades. Sometimes it is rather difficult to sit here trying to concentrate enough to write anything at all.

I really hope that Michael Ison’s wife Teresa is feeling better after gallbladder surgery with complications. Teresa takes care of her father who is ill.

It seems like every time I turn around there’s sadness and heartache for someone. My sympathy goes out to the family Evadean and Lafe Marcum of West Virginia. Lafe lost his bout with cancer. Evadean is a sister to Ann Calihan Vivian Day, Hubert Caudill, and a sister that for the life of me I can’t remember her name.

When Ann called me, she found me in a mess. I have no idea what happened to me. All of a sudden the palms of both hands started itching and I started scratching so bad I wanted to simply dig the skin off. Then my ankles started itching. It traveled up my legs, across my hips and as far up my back as I could reach, I started feeling nauseated, my stomach started cramping, to be honest I didn’t know what to do. When Ann called to tell me about her brother- in- law Lafe, I remembered asking her ‘who?’ After I finally got my bearings, I told her what was going on with me!

Even I could tell my speech was slurred. I finally sponged off and put lotion on and the itching eased. I still don’t know what happened. I was ready to call 911, I was in such misery. I hadn’t eaten anything different, except I had stopped to ge a small bar of fruitcake, which I had been wanting for some time. I have been under a lot of stress for a few months and that day was very stressful. I have no idea what happened.

Another friend of mine, Donna Perry, lost her dad. Donna and her husband Joe Perry are members of Old Time Fiddlers.

I received the most beautiful card from another Letcher County girl, Wanda Ferrell, formerly from Fleming-Neon area who now makes her home at Muldraugh, which is close to Fort Knox. Wanda says she has read my column from the time that I first started writing. I wish she had enclosed her telephone number. Wanda would like to move back to the mountains and as much as I love to go visit, I really don’t have any desire to move back. If I decide to move somewhere, it will be to a warmer climate, although I love Tennessee. Actually I do love where I am located, which has been my home for 38 years.

My son Keith Ballard spent several days in the hospital. He is home now.

My brother Robert Hall is still in the hospital at Huntington, W.Va. My brother Richie isn’t doing all that well as his heart is still acting up. Richie called to tell me that our sister Loretta Church is in the hospital with congestive heart failure at Whitesburg. Now, how is everything in your world? At least my sister-in-law Wanda Hall seems to be feeling better.

My brother Jerry Hall is having eye surgery. Hello to Jerry and Mattie.

I have enjoyed talking to Gwen Huff Farmer and Shirley Wells on the computer and I talked to Gwen on the phone. This hillbilly woman just keeps on going like the energized bunny who advertises the batteries.

I have to head out the door to take care of the little ones that my daughter Anna Nottingham baby-sits for. Anna has to go to the doctor two times a week. Scott’s schedule is changed so I am next in line. Two of the little ones call me Grandma Rose, then there’s a four-monthold and an eight-month-old.

Hello Carl Boggs and the Boggs family, Jessie Frazier, Alberta Bailey. Bill Proffitt. I haven’t heard from you in a while.

Fayette Halcomb, as quick as it is above freezing I need a ride in that convertible! Oh I know, wishful thinking!

To the girls in Taylor, Mich., Sadie, Evelyn and Bertha, I hope you are all doing alright.

I am glad that Lavonne Brooks is feeling better. Hello to my future husband Ben ‘Cornbread’. Before we get married, he has to give up chewing that tobacco. Hello, Thelma Halcomb Brooks.

Emma and Red Engle, I hope you two are doing alright! Guess who forgot to send in the money for her subscription to The Mountain Eagle?

If the weather doesn’t get better, I am going to visit Detty and Doyle Ison and go skating on their deck.

Well, I better get this on its way. I start early and finish late.

Until next time. Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Road, Harrison, Ohio 45030, email: Bluegrassmama4@aolo.com, tele- phone-513-367-4682.

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