Whitesburg KY
Partly sunny
Partly sunny

Lakes are in the process of filling up

Gabby’s fishing fever

It seems most of the area lakes are starting to slowly rise some. Lakes in Kentucky and Tennessee are coming up some. It will take a while for the water to make it all the way to summer pool.

While the water is rising it starts to cover some of the shallow areas and this will cause bait fish schools start to move into shallow areas and fish like bass and crappie will follow them. This is the kickoff to the early spring season.

One major factor now is the water temperatures. On most lakes now the surface water temperature is around 53 to 55 degrees. This is still fairly cool and the fish will be sluggish at times. When the water temperature gets around the 57-degree range, the activity will pick up.

Fishing right now could prove tough, but if you go look for any type of surface feeding activity. Fish small baits slowly and look for cover close to deeper water. These type areas will hold inactive fish in cold front conditions and during rising water.

So check out the conditions before you go out.

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