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Large crowd, 18 preachers gather at Little Edna Church

Northeast Ohio

Hey y’all! Got any snow where you are? Would you like some? I would just love to send some your way as we have plenty to spare. Yep. We got dumped on again, practically everything all across the county and beyond was closed. You should see the snow mountains we have, some as tall as a house. Today the sun is shining but it shore ain’t warm, fact is wind chill is five degrees.

I’m finally beginning to feel sort of human again. We even got to go to Little Edna Church and even though it was a cold, cold day there was a good crowd and a really good meeting. A good size congregation and believe it or not there were 18 preachers. Course not all preached, we would have been there two days if they did. From Little Edna there were Hobart Justice, Elmer Edwards, Denver Meade and Jerry Kaskey, from Little Pilgrim Home were Robert Wallen, Eddie Wallen and Danny Hamilton, from Pleasant View were Larry Newsome, Matt Slone, Denis Elkins and Donel (Don) Gibson, from Eternal Rose was Hargis Tuttle, from True Vine was Kennis (Kenny) Robinson, from Little Angel was Dee Osborne, from Little Bethel was Paul Dye, from Antioch was Steve Slone, and two I do not know the churches of, Estill Nickels and Joe Gibson (Don’s son).

We had some really good singing; Paul Dye sang "Two Coats" and it was just beautiful. I do believe it was the best I ever heard anyone sing that song. Dee Osborne also sang a most beautiful song, but I don’t know the name of it. I believe that was the first time I ever heard it.

This Sunday being an odd Sunday will be church time at Little Edna again. We plan to attend if we are both able and the weather isn’t too bad.

We have received several beautiful cards and our thanks to each and every one who thought of us.

From what I hear, Charles Engle had a great birthday party with around 70 attending. Feel any older, Charles? Just in case you don’t know who Charles is, he just happens to be Red’s baby brother and my brother-in-law. Hoping he will be celebrating many, many more birthdays.

Have a few February birthdays I want to acknowledge, so happy birthday to the following: brother Chester Sergent in North Ridgeville on the 2nd; greatgrandson Alex in Elyria on Feb. 14; Red’s niece Lena (Hampton) Stallard in Pound, Va. on the 15th; niece Debbie (Sergent) Resor in Wellington on the 20th; and great-grandson Tyler Wayne in Elyria on the 25th. There are more which I will get in next time.

I’ve decided I’m getting lots better because I have done some quilting, if only a very little. And now that I have started doing something besides nothing, I will get some letters written.

I just remembered something I wanted to say since January 2, but always seem to forget. The Engle- Sergent picnic will be held Sunday, Aug. 16, at Hill Top Park from noon to dark in Elyria. I wanted to let everyone know early in case anyone needs to schedule their vacation early. I will remind you now and then.

As far as I know the Letcher County picnic will be on Saturday, Sept. 5, at Mill Hollow Park in Vermilion. I’m not sure of the hours yet but it usually starts at 1 p.m. Should there be any changes in either picnic, I will be sure to let you know.

Before closing, I want to wish everyone a happy Valentine’s Day. Does anyone still get heart-shaped boxes of candy? I still have two empty boxes from so many years ago I can’t remember when. They are really fancy, silk and lace with decorations. I received several over the years but somehow only two survived.

Y’all have a good week now, stay warm, stay well and be happy. Love and prayers to all.

Emma Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain, OH 44055, emmalouengle @yahoo.com, (440) 233- 7548.

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