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Large crowd attends funeral of Coy Morton


ADAMS FAMILY -  Marlowe resident Earl Adams is pictured with his three children. This photograph comes from Jim Cornett.

ADAMS FAMILY – Marlowe resident Earl Adams is pictured with his three children. This photograph comes from Jim Cornett.

Hello, everyone. Hope you are all doing well. It’s that time again for our visit so grab a cup of coffee and sit down and let’s talk. I’ll look over you if you don’t answer me when I speak. People tell me my column is just like me talking – I guess that’s who I am.

I guess Emma Lou and Rose Ballard and Elsie and Gladys and Diana and all the rest of the writers are thinking the same thing, “What in the world can I write about that won’t bore the people to death?”

I attended the funeral on Friday of my good friend, Coy Morton, a longtime friend. We had kept in touch many years. He was almost 93 years old and was very active till only a few years ago. I always admired the way he could do thinks. One would almost forget he was blind. Our sympathy certainly goes out to his children, Sharon and Bill Sexton, Peggy and Doyle Ison, and Coy Hubert Morton, and his wife, Judy. It was good seeing all of them and their families.

So many of his friends were there, all the Pennington girls, Dorthy Tacket, Pearl Noble, and Linda Hall, and his good friends, Joe and Joan Reed from Somerset, where Coy lived. There was a large crowd there and lots of beautiful flower. I loved the way his funeral was carried out with the veterans, and Master’s Harmony did some beautiful singing. The preacher was Johnny Banks of Cowan.

I ran into an old friend, Viola “Buggy” Adams of Isom. I was glad to see her. She had some pretty grandchildren with her. We go way back from our school days. We had lots to talk about.

I saw Jim Cornett from Burnside at Wal-Mart on Friday. He was planning on going to Blackey Day on Saturday. I would have liked to have gone, but I hate to say I was plumb worn out. I would have liked to see all my old Blackey friends. I haven’t seen some of them since the Elk Creek reunion. I don’t know what years those were. I went to two of them and really enjoyed them. I know most of the people there. I lived the first 11 years of my life there and went back often to visit my Paw and Maw Howard (Arch and Ida Howard).

I enjoyed eating lunch with Louise Shepherd and her daughter, Pam Gardner. Of course Pam had her pride and joy with her, her dog Sadie. She’s a beautiful dog. Pam loves her more than some folks love their children. I think she loves animals even more than I do.

I saved a yellowjacket’s life today. It was drowning in water and I got it out. I also moved a worm off my walk to keep it from dying on the hot walk. Did you ever hear of someone so silly? I felt sorry for them.

Our homecoming started Sunday night. I hope it goes well. Bro. Wendell Pittman of Missouri is our evangelist.

Our church wants to thank all the people who have worked so hard to make our church look so good. Hester Maggard brought all the pretty flowers for the outside. She grew them herself. There were so many! Kevin Adams worked hard. He washed down the front of the church. Bill Wilson worked hard, and Jack Standifer; they built a ramp out front. I’m sure Lisa Honeycutt and all the rest of the ladies had the church cleaned so pretty. Everything looks beautiful and we all appreciate their hard work.

We were so glad to see John O’Rourke and Amy back at church on Sunday morning after his very serious surgery at Central Baptist Hospital in Lexington. He still has some recuperating ahead, but he’s in all our prayers for a full recovery. They’ve both been such a big help to our church and we deeply appreciate them.

Sandra and Billy Hatton went to visit Clyde at the Veterans Center Saturday.

Melissa and Kevin Adams had some good news for us. Congratulations, you two! They are so faithful to church.

May God bless all of you. Try to be in church somewhere this week if you are able. God loves you!

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