Whitesburg KY

Larges marking 47th anniversary

Big Cowan

Hello everyone! Hoping all is well this week. Lately has been such a sad time for a lot of people.

Depression is the culprit. If you know someone in this state, please talk to them or have someone else to talk to them. It could save someone’s life. They will get mad at first, but will thank you later. Pray for them because they are not in the right frame of mind and need all the prayers, love and support they can get.

Wanda Faye Standifer Day died one year ago on Sept. 12; Mary Ann Brock Maggard would have been 78 on Sept. 14.

Birthdays this week: Eddie Wolfe will be 58 on Sept. 15. He has been a very good brother-in-law. Lisa Baker Boggs has a birthday Sept. 16. Alyssa Nicely will be eight years old and Adron Michael Roberts will be six years old, both on Sept. 17.

My love to all of the above, and happy birthday.

Happy 47th anniversary to Charles and Pat Large on Sept. 16. Love both of you, and hoping you have many more years together.

We are supposed to have cooler weather this week, and I am looking forward to it. This humidity has been terrible. Myself, I had rather be a little cooler as too hot. We have sure had plenty rain.

Hopefully we have a nice winter with some snow, but not as cold as the past winters have been.

Prayer list this week: Dee Dee Adams, Estelene Shepherd, Melinda Daniel, Mike Fields, Agnes Maggard, Jamie Cook’s family, and Archie Fields.

Well, I hope everyone has a great week. Keep someone in prayer, attend the church of your choice, and may God bless until next time.

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