Whitesburg KY

Larry Hatton is hospitalized at Whitesburg ARH

Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well and enjoying these pretty spring-like days. It sure doesn’t feel like February.

I’m sure not complaining. The flowers are blooming, the jonquils, forsythia bushes and some more that I don’t know the names of.

I ran into some good friends at Walmart a few days ago, Marie and Gillis Reedy. They had both been off their feet. Gillis had knee or hip replacement in Pikeville. I can’t remember which, but he seemed to be doing well. Marie broke her foot. They looked like they were both doing well. I’m glad; they are good people.

Emma Lou Engle, I’m glad you and your husband are doing better. I told you last week to get better, and I’m glad you are.

Rose Ballard, in your news last week you wrote about your friend Norma Ashcroft and said her dad was Shelby Hughes. Many years ago he was my aunt Mae (Fields) St. John’s first boyfriend. He lived at Carbon Glow. When I was a little girl we lived there and my dad worked in the mines there, up above Jean Francis Store.

Yes, I remember that store, also. It stayed there for years. I think maybe the name changed later on. Whitesburg

I heard that Alberta (Hatton) Barker has been sick and is in Pikeville Hospital. I sure hope she is better and also her cousin Merle Landrum was sick and I haven’t heard any more about him.

My news will be short this week as my son Larry Hatton is in Whitesburg Hospital very sick, but he seems to be improving. I’ve been real worried about him and he needs everyone’s prayers. I have tried to spend time with him and I appreciate everyone visiting him, especially my pastor, Bro. John Conn.

He also visited with John Day and his wife Wanda, who has not been feeling well.

Bro. John and his wife, Alicia, took them some homemade chicken noodle soup, and I’m sure they liked that.

I appreciate all the people who have called about him. Everyone likes Larry.

I still haven’t gotten the pictures I’ve been promised, so they are not in the paper.

My son Rob in Owensboro was in Lexington visiting his children, and he came to visit me. He took me and Billy and Sandra to Pine Mountain Grill and we enjoyed it. It was good seeing Vickie Blair and also Delano Thomas and his wife Susan. I hadn’t seen them in a long time.

We always meet someone we know. That’s one reason I like to go. The other one is that I like to eat and the food is always good.

My son Larry Hatton got out of the hospital. He’s glad to be home and I hope he will get to feeling better.

I want to say hello to my brother Hillard Howard and wife Marsha in Florida, and also Anna Watkins in Florida and all her family, and to all my other friends who moved off and left me.

I still think of all of you.

Try to be in church somewhere this week, and God bless all of you.

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