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Larry Hatton working out at rec center


Linda Sturgill on her 70th birthday.

Linda Sturgill on her 70th birthday.

You all are not going to believe who is coming to workout at the rec center now! I saw him last week and his brother Billy told me he has been coming for awhile, but he has worked out and gone by the time I leave the Senior Citizens and go upstairs to work out. None other than Oma’s boy, Larry Hatton. He has been having some health issues and so has decided to do something about it and start exercising. We are all very proud of him and I’m sure his family is too. Billy Hatton has had surgery on his left rotator cuff and is hoping to be able to get it out of the sling very soon. I have heard so many people say that this surgery is a very painful one. Billy said his muscle had to be glued back to the bone. I told him they had to have used Krazy Glue for him. It is so hard to talk to these men that were there every day without Charles Noble being in the mix. We all miss him terribly.

This prayer request was posted on the Growing Up in Marlowe Coal Camp Facebook page, Monday the 13th, by Jo Ella Taylor Sturgill about her husband Darrell Sturgill. He has been having a lot of health problems for the past few months.

Della Howard Pennington with her daddy, Bill Howard.

Della Howard Pennington with her daddy, Bill Howard.

“Please pray for Darrell. He will be admitted to the University of Toledo Medical Center @ 7:00 tomorrow morning. Dr. Burket will try and place a stent in his right carotid artery….If there’s too much plaque and if the artery has any curve in it they will not be able to place the stent. They will stop and schedule him for surgery to clean the artery. It is a very risky surgery with his weak heart and lung problems. If they don’t try and fix the problem he could have a major stroke…..we are trying our best to stay positive, knowing that GOD is in control and his will be done. Thanks for all your prayers this far and please keep them coming. We really appreciate all of you…I will update as soon as I know something tomorrow.”

Other people that need our prayers are for sure little Laney Webb as she goes through another round of chemo treatments, Terry Wilson as he faces cancer, and one of our family friends, Edith “Ett” Begley White. She was flown out to Hazard last week from Whitesburg Appalachian Regional Hospital. She is still there and they are using blood thinners to try to break up blood clots. Ett was the caregiver for Mom’s brother, Bobby Pennington, while his wife Madonna worked, and then also for Madonna Pennington after Bobby passed away and she was diagnosed with stomach cancer.

Karen McAuley, not on her 70th birthday.

Karen McAuley, not on her 70th birthday.

Also, remember to pray for Janice Foster, one of our Letcher County Senior Citizens. She is still having problems with her blood pressure. We miss her at our senior activities. One of my good puzzle-working buddies, David Williams, is having a lot of problems with his back and legs. Just pray that he will get some results soon from tests they will be doing to find out what is causing his problems. Estel Taylor is missed too; he is still in Letcher Manor Nursing Home.

Monday was Linda Sturgill’s birthday. She turned 70 years old and the senior citizens want to wish her a happy birthday. She said she has been with the program for 20 years.

Karen McAuley from Kona celebrated her birthday on the 10th. She also turned 70 but acts more like a 50 years young woman. She is also at the rec center almost every morning trying to stay healthy.

I had her granddaughter Bella Back in the third grade and I have mentioned before about some of the things I remember about Bella, but I have never mentioned how absolutely brilliant she is. Her mom, Jodi McAuley Back, sent me a copy of the letter she received from Georgetown College commending her for all her hard work and stating she was on the Dean’s List for this past semester.

One of the most special people I have ever known would have celebrated her birthday on the 10th also. My aunt Dell Pennington. She passed away at the very young age of 45. I would have to say other than my sister Delores Holbrook, she could make me laugh the hardest.

I saw Lee Bates Adams at Walmart last week and she said the Letcher County Extension Center is now on the Government Channel announcing everything they have going on at the center. One of the things I saw on Facebook that looked really interesting was the Maple Syrup Demo going on the 24th of this month from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the Extension Center. You will be able to see how the lines are run to the trees and sap is extracted, cooked, and then syrup completed.

I also saw where the Mountain Heritage Committee is already looking for bands to perform at the festival this year. That seems like a long way away, but it will be here before we know it. This was the post:

“We are looking for local musicians/bands for this year’s event. If interested in being considered for the Mountain Heritage Festival, Private message us a video clip. We have a very limited number of spaces but want everyone that would be interested in playing to contact us to be considered.”

My husband and I went to the WARH today to visit our sister-in-law, Flossie Ruth Sandlin Yonts. She had a really bad fall yesterday and was admitted for observation. Please remember her in your prayers. She is bruised up really bad, but no bones were broken.

My pastor and his wife, Bill and Sandy Jones, went to court again today, Monday, concerning the murder of their son, Bobby Jones, and his girlfriend Crystal. As of now the trial has been rescheduled for later this year because the judge that was appointed to this case has retired. If it’s not one thing, it’s another. They still desire our prayers concerning this.

Once again, Oma’s ending, you need to find yourself in church Sunday morning. If your church has services throughout the week or Sunday evening God wants you to be there then.

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