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Last cooking of fresh green beans is the best

Northeast Ohio

Good day to all and I do hope you are having one of the best. Well, our company left. The worst part of having company is the lonesome feeling one gets when they leave. We really did enjoy them and I finally learned the name of the toddler and how to spell it. Her name is Kilmeny, I thought it was Kimmeny. Oh well, live and learn.

Irma, Cassandra and Kilmeny went to Niagara Falls and to Canada, spent two days and a night away, and from all reports had a most enjoyable time.

Red’s garden is gasping its last breath. We picked and cooked a small cooking of beans (the last). We still have tomatoes ripening and mustard greens are really growing. We are hoping to have plenty; we want to freeze more.

I’m writing this from Elyria. Billy Wayne has a sale going and some errands to run. He and Redia are both well and so is their family.

How’s the weather where you are? Around here it looks, feels and smells like fall. Course it ain’t too far away.

I haven’t gotten back to quilting yet. Maybe after I get home I will start another one.

Hello and hoping you are much better to Gladys Smith in North Carolina. I’ve been thinking about you and keeping you in my prayers, and, Oma Hatton, you are there also. I know a bit of what it’s like having a loved one in hospital or nursing home. The worry, going back and forth and uncertainty can really take its toll. Stay well, stay strong and think positive.

Boy, I really must be losing it. I sent a letter to cousin Eva Dale Douglas in Sacramento, Calif., and it was returned. I left off part of her street address. Gotta watch myself closer or it could be that I need


Jettie called; she and Chester are OK. They have a brand new, nine-pound greatgrandson. More about that next week. Chester has to see his doctor at Cleveland Clinic for his annual checkup. He’s really doing well.

I talked to Georgia. Richard had to see his foot doctor. He’s diabetic and has little or no feeling in his feet.

Hello to a grandson of Otho Bentley, Bobby Joe. I’m not sure of his last name, it may be Bentley. I wish you luck with your new venture and Red and I would certainly listen but we have no computer. We both love gospel music. Bobby Joe has a new gospel program on bounceradio.net called “Bobby Joe Gospel Jubilee”.

Howdy, Rose Ballard Durham. I really hope all your family members are improving. Our prayers are with them and you. Should Red and I get to Letcher County and visit his brother and sister-in-law, Chalmer and Goldie at Letcher Manor, maybe we’ll drop by and visit with yours. Do you think that would be OK?

Time for me to get up from here and bake cornbread to go with our green beans. I need to finish this anyway. Catharine is stopping by after work to pick this up and send it for me.

I had my beans, cornbread, ham and cooked potatoes. Why is it the last cooking of beans seems to be better?

Just talked to Billy Wayne. He did pretty well with his sale today. It was kinda busy this morning.

Sarah Belle just called and said she was having back problems. I really do worry about her and Jeanie. I just hope both can start feeling better.

Time to say so long until next time, wishing everyone the best and do hope to see lots of Letcher Countians at the picnic on Sept. 15. Have a happy day and a peaceful heart.

Emma Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain OH 44055, emmalouengle@yahoo.com,

440) 233-7548.

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