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Last of cleaning is finally finished

Northeast Ohio

Hello again, wow! Seems only a few short days ago I was doing the same thing I am now. Time sure doesn’t wait for anyone.

If I live to be a hundred or more, the mountains of Letcher County will always be down home.

Hope everyone had a good week. Red and I had a busy one.

I finally got the last of my windows cleaned, got clean curtains up, and cleaned the tops of the hutch and refrigerator. It’s a job I always dread as I’m not very good with heights.

Red did some painting on the garage and our 17- year-old great-grandson, Christopher, is helping him finish. They may not be able to finish, as it seems to be getting a bit cloudy. It’s also rather cool here. If it stays like it has been we sure won’t have to use the air conditioner very much. That won’t bother me as I am not a big fan of air conditioning. If I’m cooking and it gets too warm, I turn it on long enough to cool down.

I talked to Sarah Belle and she sounded real good. She is planning on being here for the Engle-Sergent picnic. Jeanie, Phil and Christy, Ronald Buford and Johnell are coming, but I’m still not sure about Henry Warren and Anna Lea. I have tried to call Henry but get no answer. I really hope all can be here.

Red has talked to his sister, Jean, and his brother, Charles, and I guess all down their way are doing fairly well. Of course they may not be telling everything.

I just talked to Redia a while ago, and they had to take baby Elizabeth to the doctor and she has chicken pox. She even has bumps inside her mouth.

What a delightful surprise phone call I just received. It was from Ollie Profitt, the widow of my first cousin, the late Dennis Profitt. His mother was Dad’s only sister.

I have always really liked Ollie, and I love to hear her sing and boy, can she cook! Her chicken and dumplings are to die for. The only ones I liked better were my mom’s and you know how that is. Mom’s cooking is always the best. Next time I’m in Letcher County I plan to make it a point to see her. I love you, Ollie.

I started this one day, and am now going to finish. It’s a beautiful day here, but now and then one might see a wayward cloud scooting by.

Red did some more painting on the garage, and all that is lacking is the high part in front and he’ll have to get someone else to do that.

I finished all my climbing cleaning and am I glad that’s over and done with. I never could stand heights, not even a small stepladder.

A little more about our sons; they were born in Letcher County but grew up here in the Clearview District, Sheffield Township. Both did really well all through school and I must say they surely didn’t give us much trouble at all. I’m not saying they were angels, in fact I never knew anyone who did have angelic children.

Our two were just normal boys and of course got into normal boy troubles. Billy Wayne was the serious one and Bob was the clown. I have always been very proud of both of them.

I talked to Richard and Georgia and they are okay. They have no babies to sit with today, so they’ll most likely help the grandchildren with their yard sale.

I stopped by and bought a few baby items Jennifer might be able to use, with her ninth one on the way. She would have had practically everything she needed had it not been for the fire that destroyed most everything she owned.

I have been outside communing with nature. We have no mountains, but there is a stand of trees in back of the lots on this side of Clifton Avenue, and I have been watching them.

Isn’t it a miracle what a Master can create, and we should all take a little time to enjoy all His creations.

I guess it pays to start early, now I won’t have to rush to finish before Catharine gets here.

You all have a fantastic week and you young ones better have lots of fun because it sure won’t be long until school starts. You just be sure to study hard and learn everything you possibly can. Be good, and be happy. With love and prayers to all.

Emma Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain, OH 44055, emmalouengle @yahoo.com, (440) 233- 7548.

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