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Lauren Adams still hospitalized in Lexington


I have a update on little Lauren Adams of Jeremiah. She has been in the University of Kentucky Hospital in Lexington for about two weeks. She still has a breathing tube in and has a lot of fluid still building up. They have been running tests but still are not really sure what has caused her problems. She is the daughter of Leslie Gibson and Dusty Adams. Hopefully by the time Leslie’s birthday came on June 1 she was doing better. Leslie said that’s all she wants for her birthday. Lauren’s grandmother, Sandy Adams, is out of the hospital now. She was in down there for a few weeks also but she is doing better. I wish them all the best.

Happy birthday to Bryan “Bubby” Campbell of Ulvah. It was on June 1.

There was a mistake in my column a few weeks ago. It is Randall Rowe that had been to Myrtle Beach with his family, not Randy.

Virgil Combs of Carcassonne is still having problems after he broke his hip and then got an infection. He has been in a lot of pain.

There will be a five-family yard sale at the home of Greg and Glenna Pridemore on Hwy. 15 next to the old Isom Auto Supply on Thursday June, 5 Friday June 6, and Saturday June 7. For information about the sale you can call 606-633-4154 after 5 p.m.

David Jent of Carcassonne, had to have a procedure done on his heart a couple of weeks ago. It took about 12 hours. He is home and is doing OK. They said he would need a lot of rest.

Joe, Kathy, Amber and Erica Back went to the lake at Paintsville over the weekend and camped. They have a really nice camper and go as much as they can. With the gas prices it’s getting harder for anyone to go to far from home.

I wanted to mention this again in case some didn’t see it in my column before, Jim Cornett, formerly of Blackey, recently wrote a book listing alphabetically all 8,947 graduates of Whitesburg High School. Now he would like to do the same for Letcher High School. You can send your class lists 1957-2005 to him at P.O. Box 336, Burnside, KY 42519.

My husband, Lee Roy, and I will celebrate our anniversary on June 9. We have been married 24 years.

This news from Jean Collins at the Blackey Senior Citizens Center:

“Reporting again on our Blackey Senior Citizens Center, we had a busy April and May. The attendance has been good, and everyone enjoyed their time together.

“We had a nice trip to Virginia, shopped, and ate dinner at Kentucky Fried Chicken. We stopped at the flea market, and we all found good bargains.

“We had potluck dinners on April 3 and May 3. The food was so good.

“We had a Derby Day party and we all made hats. Some of the ladies who had such pretty ones were a little disappointed as Tommy Trimble won “Best Hat” with his red velvet hat. We had a Golden Girl from our center, Annabell Wright, running on the Relay for Life countywide. She won the Golden Girl contest. We are all proud of Annabell. She’s so interested in our center. We look forward to her each day.

“We also had a trip to Hazard, shopped, and ate at Ponderosa. We had a trip to Knott County for the senior games at the Knott County Sportsplex. Our seniors won some ribbons and enjoyed the day.

“We went on a picnic at the Colson Center in May, and really enjoyed the singing on stages. The food was nice and the people were very nice. It is so very good that people can get together and enjoy each other’s company. So blessed that God lets them get up, dressed, and on the bus by 8:30 a.m. We are very blessed at our center for all of the blessings God gives us.

“We would like to invite anyone who would like to come visit us and see all these things we do. You can call the center at 633- 0906 for information.”

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