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LCC drama class hopes public can lend a hand

In hopes of creating an authentic look while reducing costume expenses, the Letcher County Central High School drama class is asking community members to donate 1980s style prom dresses to be worn in its spring production of “Footloose.”

“We are attempting to cut down on the cost of costume rentals this time since so many people have 1980s clothing on hand and because the economy has affected so many families in the community including our students,” said Jennifer Wampler, co-director of the LCCHS drama class.

Twenty-five dresses in various sizes are needed for the prom scene at the end of the production. Five dresses have been collected.

Casual clothing from the 1980s as well as cowboy hats and western wear are also needed. Each cast member is participating in a country western dance scene in the middle of the show. Donations of dresses and other 1980s clothing can be dropped off in the LCCHS secretary’s office during school hours.

“We have to place costume rentals by next week, so we are hoping to collect what we can soon,” said Wampler.

After performing “Into the Woods” last spring, the drama class chose a more upbeat musical this time around.

“We tackled more serious content last year, so we decided to go for fun,” said Wampler. “The community loved ‘Grease’ and our cast enjoyed it so much that we decided to go for fun and entertaining this year. It is also so familiar that we felt the community would enjoy it.”

More than a decade ago, Wampler and April Frazier, also co-director of the LCCHS drama class, created a goal and vision for the drama department to bring theater to eastern Kentucky and to introduce the student cast and student body to the arts.

“Most people in our community had never enjoyed a production until we started our program 10 years ago,” said Wampler. “Each year we strive to do more —bigger and better — but ultimately, our goal is always to expose our kids and community to theater and art, hoping to instill an appreciation in them.”

In order for all students in the Letcher district to see the production, the drama class will put on school performances free of charge twice a day on March 29 through March 31.

“Budgets are tight for everyone, and we simply want the students of Letcher County Public Schools to have the opportunity to enjoy the shows,” said Wampler.

Public performances for “Footloose” are scheduled for 7 p.m. on Friday, April 1, and Saturday, April 2 in the LCCHS auditorium. Tickets go on sale in March. Ticket prices will be $10 for general admission and $15 for reserved seating.

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