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LCCHS student receive awards

Awards Day at Letcher County Central High School was held June 1. The scholarships awarded totaled $2,187,515.

Receiving Academic Team Awards were Katherine Braswell, Gavin Sexton, Corey Sparkman, and Brooke Saurer. The Art Award went to Alexander Sturgill.

In the Band Awards were the National Scholarship Marching Band, Brooke Saurer, Emma Griffith and Sean Looney; National Scholarship Color Guard, Brittany Smith and Kayla Howard; Hunter Bernstein Award, Ronnie Adams; Gilmore Leadership, Chelsey Bowman; Louis Armstrong Jazz Award, Dalton Dixon; and John Phillips Sousa Award, Garrett Keene.

Other awards given were Drama Award, Brooke Hatton; English Award, Katherine Braswell and Brooke Saurer; Greek and Roman Mythology Award, Brittany Smith; New Journalism Award, John D. Ison; Library Award, Bernard Adams; Math Award, Sean Looney; Science Award, Katherine Braswell; Spanish Award, Emma Griffith; Social Studies Award, Corey Sparkman and Cameron Whitaker.

The LCCHS Student Government officers were President, Sophia Narramore, Vice President, Katherine Braswell, Secretary, Brooke Saurer, Treasurer, Kali Sturgill, Senior Representatives, Brooke Hatton, Makaya Whitt, and Senior Senator, John D. Ison; Board Representative, Brooke Saurer; Student Senate Recognition, Brooke Saurer; and Student Senator Kentucky Valley ARI, Brooke Saurer.

National Honor Society, John D Ison and Emma Griffith; Attendance Awards, Perfect Attendance 12 years — Samantha Crawford, Brooke King, Brooke Saurer, and Carla Sturgill, Perfect Attendance 4 years of high school – Sean Looney and Corey Sparkman, Perfect Attendance 3 years of high school – Meghan Combs – missed 1 day through high school, Perfect Attendance 2 years of high school – William Fields, Perfect Attendance senior year of high school – Ethan Dollarhide, Alex Ritchie, and Logan Wynn; Wall of Fame/30+ on ACT, Katherine Braswell, Brooke Saurer, Gavin Sexton and Tyler Stacy.

Letcher County Education Foundation Academic Scholarships, Katherine Braswell, Taylor Boggs, Meghan Combs, Sophia Narramore, Brooke Saurer and Sierra Sturdivant; Cumberland Valley Electric Coop Scholarship, Brooke Saurer; American Electric Power Scholarship, Corey Sparkman; Appalachian Wireless Scholarship, Brooke Saurer; Mission of Hope Scholarship, Brooke King; Mission of Hope One Time Scholarship, Sierra Sturdivant; Whitesburg ARH Auxiliary Health Care Profession Scholarship, Meghan Combs; Bobbie Whitaker Gold Scholarship, To be announced at a later date; Daughters of American Revolution Citizenship Award, Keaston Maggard.

Daughters of American Revolution/JROTC, Susie Caudill; Kentucky Blood Center Scholarship, Jessika Moushon and Kody King; Gwen Whitaker Encouragement Scholarship, Meghan Combs; Jeff & Hettie Mayes Scholarship, Katherine Braswell; Letcher County Farm Bureau Scholarship, Katherine Braswell, Brooke Saurer, Meghan Combs, Savannah Parsons, Corey Sparkman, Jessika Moushon, Makayla Jones, Amy Cook, Eric Maggard, Lindsay Bentley, Brittany Smith and Sophia Narramore; Letcher County Chamber of Commerce Scholarship, Brooke Saurer and Sierra Sturdivant; Letcher County Teachers Organization Jack & Ruby Burkich Scholarship, Meghan Combs and Katherine Braswell; Letcher County Teachers Organization Presidential Scholarship, Samantha Crawford.

Kentucky DPP Attendance Scholarship, Perfect Attendance 12 years of school, Samantha Crawford, Brooke King, Brooke Saurer and Carla Sturgill, Perfect Attendance 4 years of high school, Sean Looney and Corey Sparkman. Letcher County Teachers Credit Union Scholarship, Taylor Boggs; Lonesome Pine Lodge #884 Scholarship, Jody M. Fleming, Cody Philpot, Aaron Staton, Gavin Sexton and Cameron Whitaker; Mountain Heritage Scholarship in conjunction with Kentucky Power Company, Lindsay Bentley, Brooke King, Meghan Combs, Whitney Scott, Savannah Parsons and Brooke Saurer; Rotary Scholarship, Lindsay Bentley, Meghan Combs, and Savannah Parsons; American Legion Scholarship, Susie Caudill; Order of Eastern Star Scholarship, Meghan Combs; Whitesburg Masonic Lodge # 754, Corey Sparkman; WYMT Mountain Classic Scholarship, Savannah Parsons and Sierra Sturdivant.

Governor’s Scholars, Katherine Braswell, Brooke Saurer and Tyler Stacy; Rogers Scholars, Katherine Braswell and Brooke Saurer; Robinson Scholar, Brooke Saurer: Alice Lloyd College Appalachian Leaders Scholarships, Bernard Adams, Meghan Combs, Samantha Crawford, Skylar Griffith, Heather Hash, Rayma Nichols, Carlie Nichols, Emily Knight, John I. Bentley, Eric Maggard, Cameron Brown, Camryn Parks, Rebecca Rowe, Austin Sexton, Brittany Smith, and Alexander Sturgill; Eastern Kentucky University Merit Scholarships — Presidential and Music Department, Dalton Dixon, Reagants and Music Department, Garrett Keene, Presidential and Music Department, Ronnie Adams, Reagants, Savannah Parsons, Corey Sparkman and Emily Knight.

Morehead State University — Dean’s Scholar Award, Randi Boggs and Chelsey Bowman, Rogers Scholar Tuition Scholarship, Rogers Scholar Housing Scholarship, Herron Leadership, Katherine Braswell; Alumni Scholarship, John D. Ison. Southeast Community College President’s Scholarship, Marah Boggs, Whitney Scott, Brittany Smith and Jason White; Transylvania University, Merit Pioneer Scholar, Sophia Narramore; University of the Cumberlands, Founders Scholarship, John I. Bentley and Colton Ratliff.

University of Kentucky, Brooke Saurer – Presidential Scholarship and Robinson Legacy Scholarship, Tyler Stacy – Presidential Scholarship, Gavin Sexton – Provost Scholarship and Thomas W. Lester Scholarship (College of Engineering), William Brashears – Provost Scholarship; University of Virginia at Wise, CVC Merit Scholarship, Courtney Johnson, Cavalier Society Merit Scholarship, Susie Caudill, Crockett Merit Scholarship, Savannah Parsons, Alexander Sturgill and Meghan Combs, Presidential Merit Scholarship, Keaston Maggard.

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