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Leaves already changing to fall colors

Southern Ohio

Howdy everyone!

Once again I will say we are sure having fall weather with beautiful days and cooler evenings. As I walked through my yard there are several leaves that have turned golden and laying in the yard.

By the time you read this column July will be just a memory.

Happy birthday to my granddaughter Sarah Nottingham, who turned 16 on July 29.

While sorting through things in my daughter Anna’s bedroom, I came across a decoration that was used at Anna’s 16th birthday party. I am going to wrap it up and take to Sarah. I hope she will like it.

Anna is 41 years old and I am still hanging on to lots of her things so I have been trying to condense and get rid of stuff. What am I saying? I have things that were my older children’s also. My porch looked as if I was having a sale with things for the Vietnam veterans.

There’s going to be more next week. How anyone can accumulate so much is beyond me.

Vicki Power and I went to Hunter’s Pizza to see Tony Hale and Black Water Band, which meant I also got to spend time with Les and Pat Wagner, Larry and Becky Hasty, along with Polly and Kelly. Pat’s sister Donna and her husband were there also. It is always a pleasure to be with this family. You can see and feel the love they share. Everyone should be so lucky to have a family like this in their life.

Les was so hungry he didn’t share his pizza. Next time we go to Hunter’s, I am taking a spoon from home and eating part of Les’s ice cream before he can eat it all.

Now I really know you believe that!

I’ve had the first mess of green beans and tomatoes from the garden. Of course I had fried cornbread to go with it.

Johnny Calihan brought zucchini and a cucumber and left it on my porch swing. Johnny was gone before I could get to the door. I called Ann to tell her thanks. Johnny and Ann are doing alright.

Doyle and Betty Ison are really liking this weather; it’s not too hot or cold. In a few weeks Betty and I are going shopping for a special dress for Betty to wear at her grandson’s wedding. I am looking forward to this.

Sunday, I went to Fairborn to see Ralph Stanley & The Clinch Mountain Boys. It was a great show. It was the first time that I heard Ralph’s grandson Nathan sing and pick with his grandpa.

Nathan is a very sweet young guy. I listened to Ralph and watched him performing, and I can’t help but be in awe to know how many years he has been in the music business.

To see the Ralph Stanley’s bus parked outside Fairborn Eagles, and hear talk how comfortable a bus is, then remember the talk of how The Stanley Brothers along with Flat and Scruggs, Bill Monroe and others paved the road for the music I love so much.

They were traveling in cars that probably weren’t fit to be going so far, staying with anyone that had the means to put them up for the night, and for not very much pay.

I have never traveled on a band bus but I do know it is not a life that I would want no matter how glamorous.

My husband drove for Larry Sparks for several months, and I know how tired he was from all the traveling. I will say one more thing. There’s not much money in bluegrass music at this day and time, if you are just a local musician.

Evan Lanier picked with a group. This 17-year-old is such a talented musician. I have watched this young man since he was nine years old. He is so amazing, and has developed a very nice personality.

I found enough energy to dance a couple of times with my favorite dance partner Howard Moore.

I wish I lived close enough to really get to hear Jack Adams, my special cousin that I am so proud of.

Please keep my cousin Beverly Adams and her family in your prayers.

For those of you who can make it, please support the Shriners festival at Roxana on Aug. 2. Oh how I wish I could attend this, but I really don’t think it is possible.

Belated happy anniversary to Billy and Frieda Johnson, who celebrated their 43rd year.

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for Letcher County Day on Sept. 27.

I know there’s something I wanted to write about, but as usual I’m running late.

Until next week, Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Rd., Harrison, Ohio 45030.

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