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Partly cloudy

Leaves are begining to change color

Big Cowan

Hello everyone! Another beautiful week. Loving this time of year.

Trees are turning color, leaves are falling and cooler temperatures. Who could ask for more? God sure knew what He was doing when He created the different seasons. We should be so thankful.

Jeff Caudill died this past week. He was a son of the late Enos and Inez Caudill. He had been sick for some time, then he would do better, then get worse. He was preceded in death by his parents and a sister, Patricia. He is survived by brothers Mack, Dale, Brian, and a sister, Dwonnia Boggs.

Our sympathy goes to all of his family, and he will be missed by all who knew him.

Billy and Frieda Boggs Johnson celebrated their wedding anniversary on Sept. 20. Congratulations to them both.

Rosa Halcomb celebrated a birthday on Sept. 20. Happy birthday. She is the daughter of the late Joe Halcomb, and her mother, Teresa Miles, is still living.

Kendall Ison had a birthday on Sept. 21. Happy birthday to him.

Mountain Heritage Festival will be going on this week. Hopefully I’ll get to go and walk around a little bit. I kind of wish the festivals were at the beginning of the month instead of the last because those of us on limited incomes could buy a little more. I wish they had more crafts and not so much political stuff.

Bill Maggard Sr. has been in the hospital again in Columbus, Ind. with COPD and pneumonia and his oxygen level was dropping. His wife Agnes is still having problems with her feet and legs. Hope she gets well soon.

Eugene Day’s Aunt Inez has really gone downhill health wise. Keep her in prayer. She is his only living aunt and is in her 90s.

Melinda Daniel and I walked out to see Irene. She was asleep so we visited Eugene and saw all of his pretty flowers and trees. He always has a beautiful yard. Wish mine looked that good. Seems like all of the Day family have a green thumb and can grow anything. Everything takes a lot of work and patience, and the results are well worth it.

I wish I had started younger trying to grow things. If I had not lived and worked in the city all of those years, I would probably have a beautiful flower and vegetable garden. My husband and I always planted flowers that came up every year and bushes you didn’t have to fool with very much.

We now have too much leg and back pain and cannot do anything, and James had a heart attack in 1998 and gets out of breath easily. His back hurts and his hands go numb. I don’t know which is worse, factory work or yard work. Both are hard work. Getting old sucks.

Looks like we’ll be losing a neighbor soon. Letha Ann Dollarhyde will be moving soon. Sure will miss her. I always like talking to her. She is a character! I wish her the best.

Well folks, I am running out of stuff to say, so until next time, keep someone in prayer, and may God bless all of you.

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