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Leaves have been falling like raindrops

Starting this week’s article with sad news. Found out a few days ago that a relative I never got a chance to meet died recently.

Dewey Edward Craft, 68, of Moore’s Hill, Ind., started on his final journey on October 7 from a hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio. Dewey was born in the Bellcraft- Marlow on January 1, 1943 to the late Columbus Craft, Jeremiah, and Pearl (Lucas) Craft, Thornton. He was one of four children, two who preceded him in death. He leaves behind two grieving children, son Chris and daughter Bretina, both of Moore’s Hill, Ind., and a brokenhearted sister, Janice (Craft) Jordan of Muncie, Ind. Dewey was a Navy man and fought in the Vietnam War .

My heartfelt sympathy to all his family and many friends who will miss and remember him always. Perhaps it might ease the pain a little if you can picture him in a place of perfect peace with no death, heartaches, tears, troubles and sorrow.

Better get November birthday greetings down ‘fore I plumb forget. Got a long list. On the 3rd, Jean Hunsucker, Kentucky; on the 5th, Christy Adams, Indiana, and Madge Sergent, Kentucky; on the 7th, Dorothy Potter, Ohio, and Greta Joseph, Kentucky; on the 9th, Rodney Sergent, Ohio; on the 15th Pat Holcomb, Ohio; on the 16th Henry Warren Sergent, Kentucky, and Julia Engle, Ohio; on the 17th, Cassie Provoznic, Ohio; on the 20th, Bobby Goins, Kentucky, David Engle, Ohio, and Don Blair, Ohio; on the 21st, Loretta Adams, Kentucky; on the 25th, Langley Engle, Kentucky; on the 26th, Anna Michel, Kentucky, and on the 30th, Larry Goins, Virginia.

Wishing each and every one a most happy birthday and may you enjoy many, many more.

Did everyone have lots of visitors Halloween night? Boy, did we ever. Our visitation was from 6 to 7:30 p.m. and by 7:00 I had depleted two good size baskets of candy and had to turn off the outside light and close the door. First time I ever had to do that. Didn’t know there were so many children in our neighborhood.

Valerie spent several hours in the emergency room. When her home health nurse came and checked her vitals, her heart rate was 33. It went up but kept dropping. She had to see her family doctor today. He changed some medication and she has to see him again on Monday. I sincerely hope they can find the problem and take care of it.

As far as I know, David is doing well and Catharine says she is actually feeling pretty good and is working a bit more. Just hope she doesn’t try to do too much.

Bill and Redia came by Sunday and had lunch (or as I call it, dinner) with us, which we always enjoy. Sometimes the one day a week is all we get to see them. They stay really busy with the store. Northeast Ohio

Today is Thursday and not a bad day at all. Plenty of sunshine and clouds and to my way of thinking, a mite chilly. I’m sure warmblooded persons would disagree with me. I’m one that freezes on the hottest day of summer, soon as shade comes over.

Saw Georgia this morning. She had an appointment at Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland today for a CT scan. Wouldn’t you know I plumb forgot to ask what it was for. I’m hoping she will call me when she gets home and if I hear before Catharine shows up I will let you know. Also saw Bill at the store, busy as usual. He really needs to take a day or so off now and again.

This has definitely not been one of our better fall seasons. Leaf colors have not been as colorful and vibrant and they are falling like raindrops. Oh well, Mother Nature has her own plans and we just have to grin and bear whatever comes our way.

Been boxing up garage sale stuff, stacked most on a shelf in garage. I brought dolls and whatever needed inside, and filled some boxes and put them by the curb. They were gone almost before I got back to garage and I am now filling bags of good, usable items to send to Salvation Army. Bill is going to help sell some dolls. He can only take a few at a time as he has limited space. Never thought when I was collecting dolls that one day I would have to let them go. Tain’t easy!

Georgia just called, they will be stopping by and if it’s before Catharine gets here I will find out what’s going on with her.

Janice Jordan, I will be in touch with you real soon and I am proud to be related to you and all the Crafts.

Richard and Georgia just left but she had nothing to tell. Just tests today. She has an appointment for the 17th to find out the results.

Catharine just called and she’s on her way, so I know an old woman who had better git busy and finish this. So in closing I want to say howdy, hope all are well and happy and hope no one got a tummy ache from too much Halloween goodies. Till next time, have a good’un. Love and prayers.

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