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Lee Roy Combs is celebrating his Christmas birhday


My news is about a month behind so I’ll try and catch up on some of it.

Dena Couch of Linefork had surgery on her back at Pikeville Hospital. She has been having a lot of pain and right after her surgery she could tell the difference. Her legs were not hurting anymore. I’m glad she is doing better.

Happy birthday to my husband Lee Roy. It is on Dec. 25. Happy birthday also to my great-nephew Gavin Adams of Carcassonne. He turned 7 on Dec. 12. He is the son of Shanna Adams of Carcassonne and B.J. Adams of Letcher, grandparents Dukie and Debbie Fugate and Jr. Adams and the late Cheryl Adams

Congratulations to my nephew Gary Fugate of Carcassonne. He graduated as an registered nurse on Saturday, Dec.14th at the Forum in Hazard. It was a nice ceremony. I’m so proud of him.

Here are the December birthdays. Happy birthday to Aleshia Mullins of Carcassonne, Betty Blair of Letcher, and Milo Caudill of Carcassonne on the 6th; Nancy Walters of Blackey on the 11th; Joan Johnson of Woodrock on the 14th; Verna Adams of Whitesburg and Kathy Evans of Lexington on the 17th; Tina Caudill of Carcassonne and Medra Back Kiser of Whitesburg on the 18th; Liberty Campbell of Jeremiah on the 19th; Donna Griffie of Letcher and Jonny Henrikson of Carcassonne on the 20th; Kay Hampton of London on the 21st; Woody Adams and Debbie Caudill Bowling of Bull Creek and Kevin Breeding of Isom on the 23rd; Whitney Haynes Webb of Whitesburg, Joni Dixon of Elk Creek and Lois Smith of Blackey on the 25th; Laura Caudill of Los Angeles, formerly of Elk Creek, Rachael Frazier of Blackey, April Back Stevens of Letcher, and Joyce Ball of Blackey on the 28th; Carol breeding of Isom and Daniel Hayes of Blackey on the 29th; Gary Hylton of Hazard, Ann King of Isom, and Rosetta Mullins Back of Eolia all on the 31st.

Happy anniversary to Glen and Zoni Hampton of Red Star. It was their 21st on Dec. 8.

Happy birthday to Morgan Rowe of Blackey. She turned 13 on Dec. 10. She is the daughter of Randall and Rosemary Rowe.

My heart is breaking for Randy “Bub” and Mary Gail Adams of Blackey. Their precious daughter Cass Adams died on Saturday, Dec. 21. She was 29. My sympathy to all of her family.

Happy anniversary to John and Jenny Dixon of Carcassonne. It was their 20th on Dec. 18.

Happy anniversary to Greg and Della Caudill of Carcassonne. It was their 29th on Dec. 22.

Merry Christmas and a happy and safe New Year to all my family and friends.

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