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Lee Roy Combs to celebrate Christmas birthday


Happy anniversary to Greg and Della Caudill of Carcassonne. It was on Dec. 22 and they have been married 24 years.

Happy birthday to my husband, Lee Roy. It’s on Dec. 25.

Bruce and Rita Gilley went to Lexington and came back the next evening because Bruce had a doctor’s appointment for his back. The doctors said he had pulled something in his back. Rita, like many of us, has been sick with a stomach virus.

I was so sorry that Steven Pratt and his family had lost their home in a fire last week and they also lost a dog and two cats in the fire. I can’t even imagine how hard that has to be, especially here at the holidays. They live below Blackey.

Also, Steven Pratt’s grandmother, Irene Pratt, had to be taken to Lexington. They found some blockage but the doctors said that medicine will take care of the problem.

Happy birthday to Chris Jent of Blackey. It’s on Dec. 25. He is the son of Truman and Lucille Jent of Carcassonne.

My parents, P-nut and Jean, attended a Christmas party on Friday evening at the home of Greg Chandler. He has one every year. They had a nice time. My dad and Greg work together.

Lee Roy, Jennifer, Justin, Kaleb and I went to a Christmas dinner at Ann Frazier’s. Her son, Craig, came in from Raytown, Mo., to spend Christmas with her. She lives in Knott County.

My sister, Terry, and I drove to London to pick up a toy Chihuahua pup my son, Justin, bought it for me for Christmas. You can hold him with one hand he’s so little.

Opal Jent of Carcassonne, hit a deer on her way home and threw out her back and damaged the front of her truck. She was glad she wasn’t worse. She was coming from seeing her mom, Sylvania Whitaker of Blair Branch. She has been in the hospital with blood pressure problems.

Merry Christmas and happy New Year to all my family and friends.

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