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Lee, Wilma Pridemore visit Smiths, Marshalls


Our weather finally felt like the hot days of summer with the high 80s and low 90s over the weekend.

Last week Lee and Wilma Pridemore went to Ohio to visit Roy and Billie Smith and Bill and Elva Marshall and their son, Barry. They stayed overnight before heading home.

Irene Dixon recently stayed a few days with Lee and Wilma, while her daughter Iva had back surgery. They are back home at Red Star, and Iva is doing pretty well.

Rodney and Geraldine Ison have had their grandchildren visiting off and on this summer. Their granddaughter Beth had been visiting last week.

The road has been under repair in the Sycamore area, and people have been held up off and on last week. Hopefully they will have fixed the dropoff in the highway soon.

By the time this comes out school will have started back and we wish the students a good year.

Last Sunday was the memorial meeting at the cemetery on top of Elk Creek. It was also church time at Little Dove in Knott County, where we attend.

Doty Creek Old Regular Baptist Church had a baptism after the Sunday service. Chester Bolling was baptized at the mouth of Doty Creek.

On Saturday, Bob and Opal Banks, Sue and Colleen Goodson and I all went to Corbin to meet our daughter Jessie for lunch.

After lunch and shopping, Bob and his group stopped by the flea market on their way home so Opal could get some corn and tomatoes. I took our truck and drove by Jessie’s apartment to pick up a load of furniture. Jessie is moving to Lexington and will be working at the new Cracker Barrel at Nicholasville in September.

We all wanted to tell Jessie’s co-workers at Corbin good-bye, and that’s why we went to Corbin.

It was Opal’s first outing since her recent surgery, and she made the trip OK.

On Sunday, Bob, Sue and Opal all went to the nursing home to visit Mallie Hobbs, Susie Raglin, Jimmie Faye Hampton and others.

Sunday evening Bob and I stopped in at Partridge to visit Eugene and Mary Shepherd. Mary fell recently and broke two ribs, but seems to be getting along pretty well. We enjoyed talking with them and hope that she continues to improve.

This coming weekend will be Blair Branch Church time and everyone is welcome to attend.

The Cedar Grove Church had a huge bake and yard sale last Saturday at Isom. They are raising money to take a trip, and have been selling knives as a fundraiser.

Just a short column this week, maybe more next week.

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