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Legacy of a veteran: Freedom is not free

To the Editor:

Many years have quickly passed. Not all of them were kind. The dreams I thought would never last, still burning in my mind. I thought I would grow and change, remove my guilt and fear, but all attempts were in vain.

The ghosts are always near. A sound, a single word can take me back again to a place that seems a world away, but it’s just around the bend. A vision bursts into my mind of smoke and broken trees. I see the dying and the dead. I feel the heat. The crackling guns, a blinding flash and another friend is down. Our enemy waited, hidden in the green. They made their presence known, but never were they seen. And just as quickly as it came, the vision slips away. The thoughts, the dream, they’re all the same. It’s just a different day. I shake my head, I wipe my eyes. I strain to clear my mind.

Why can’t I wipe it all away and leave the war behind? And yet I have no answer. I know there is an army of old soldiers just like me. We were all good men that went into that hell, but the ones that came back home will fight until we die.

Our friends and family don’t understand why we are so far away, but they can touch us with their hand. You may have been in battle. But remember when you see the red in our flag of glory, men and women died for you and me. Freedom is not free. May God bless our country.

SGT. RANDY FRAZIER 2-11 Cav., Vietnam

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