Whitesburg KY

Legalize cannabis

To the Editor:

Governor Fletcher, your honor, sir. You have brought it to our attention that views on casinos by Beshear and you are opposite. You tell us that Mr. Beshear supports casinos, and there’ll be no casinos in your Kentucky.

Far be it from me to understand our government as a system, and ways to properly take care of it, but I must say there’ll be more brought to the voting booth than differences in casinos.

Sir, both candidates must campaign on their record. Both Governor Fletcher and Mr. Beshear must tell us what they will do for the good of our state. They must share their views for health care in Kentucky.

I challenge both candidates to express their view on legalizing cannabis as a medicine. A number of states have done so. Many have worked for this in Kentucky. Will you appoint one to be in charge of a committee to better understand the use of this medicine? If you don’t support its use, would you tell us? If you don’t respond, you’re showing fear to express your views.


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