Whitesburg KY

Lend a helping hand

Don’t you just love it when you can get the chores caught up around the place and have a few minutes of leisure time to just laze around and do whatever suits your fancy?

Just keep on dreaming, honey, because the work around the old homeplace is never all caught up. But you might be able to narrow the gap a bit and get a few precious moments all to yourself, especially if you are the lady of the house.

Just in case you do come up with a few minutes all to yourself, try sitting in your favorite rocker, recliner, or wherever your favorite sitting spot is. Just close your eyes so as to not be distracted and concentrate on times of long ago, back when life was hard but simple and enjoyable. Back when commitments were finalized by a simple handshake. Back to a time when nobody had to lock their doors at night or when they had to be away from home.

People were not only more honest and sociable but would also but would also lend a helping hand when someone was in need, whether it was raising a barn, roofing a house, gathering and shucking corn, picking and stringing beans for shucking beans (leather britches), or hog butchering, and so on.

No matter what needed done, people would come from far and near to lend a hand. Also, when there was a new addition to the family or someone was a bit under the weather, people would help out such as neighbors, friends, family or even strangers sometimes.

I, too, like to sit and let my mind wander back through the mist of years gone by. I sometimes get to thinking about the good old days and I get pretty low in the valley of despair, and then I begin to wonder what happened to all those wonderful people, the people who made this country grow and prosper.

It seems as though everyone lives by the color of green nowadays. If you are in need of help and people don’t see any green anywhere, they will vanish in a hurry. But if you want to see a body perk up, just let them take a gander at a few greenbacks. Boy oh boy, they suddenly become willing to lend the hand that was lame a few minutes before.

Our ancestors were not only willing to lend a hand, they would often leave some staples on a doorstep of one in need and go about their business without any fanfare because they wanted neither pay or praise for their generosity. It was simply the way they believed and lived. But they also had a lot of pride and self respect. Seems as though there is still an awful lot of pride – the wrong kind of pride – but the self respect of society is in dire need of remodeling. While society in general demands respect, they offer no respect in return.

I often look at it this way – don’t expect to get a dozen eggs a day if you only have six or eight hens. So don’t expect to have friends unless you show yourself as friendly instead of using others for your own selfish gain and then casting them aside like an old worn out shoe.

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