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Les and Pat Wagner celebrate anniversary

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Better get out your long johns and freshen them up a tad bit as you may need the any time now. The weather is supposed to start chilling down some. We sure have been lucky so far as Mother Nature has blessed this area with some beautiful sunshine.

I hope it holds off for a while as I sure have a mess in my yard. I’ve had a water line collapsed for several years that is from my washer, and it would take a couple of days for it to drain. Nothing involving the septic tank as they are on separate lines.

Southern Ohio

Ever so often someone from the county would show up to inspect the septic tank. They never do anything except walk in the yard, then send me a bill for $90. This time the guy saw where my son had dug down trying to find where it had collapsed, and now I have to get it repaired by a certain date.

I do not live in town nor am I on any city facilities. I have a well. I don’t have gas lines, nor do I have cable lines. Someone is always sticking their nose where they have no business.

You pay for property yet you have no say. You buy your vehicles, pay your own insurance, and you are told you have to wear seat belts, which should be your choice.

One thing about it, if a burglar comes at night there are death traps in my yard that are between eight and 10 feet deep as my son has hand dug holes to try to find the collapsed line.

I walked out and couldn’t see him as he was down in a hole digging. I am worried he is undertaking more than he can handle. Even though it took me a while getting used to having him live with me, he has been a huge help. For several years he has kept my yard mowed and trimmed.

If this was the septic tank, I think I would just have him build a little wooden outhouse over a hole and give the health department something to fuss about.

Well, you can say one thing, my life is never boring. There’s always something going on, whether it’s right or wrong.

Les and Pat Wagner spent a few days in the mountains of eastern Kentucky with family, then spent time in the Smokies celebrating their anniversary. Then they headed back to eastern Kentucky to spend a little more time. This couple really needed this time to enjoy themselves. What am I talking about? I should be green with envy.

Since there’s no longer music at Hunters Pizzeria, Tony Hale and Black Water are playing at a place called Orioles on Main Street in Middletown. Les and Pat got to attend the first time the band played. I have missed so much this last year.

Sunday, Old Time Fiddlers had a fairly good attendance and the music was really good. I am really glad for the support the members have shown me.

If there was some way I could learn not to become personally involved as one of our members is having surgery for prostrate cancer in December and will be missing our Christmas party. We have lost several members since I have been involved in O.T.F. and it hurts to see someone going through illness.

Doyle and Betty Ison weren’t able to attend as they weren’t feeling up to par.

Guess I am going to have to pay Johnny and Ann Calihan a visit to see what is going on in their little corner of Harrison.

Mildred Rogers, I am very sorry as I planned to stop to see you when I was in the mountains in October. I was very sick and didn’t get to do things that I had planned on doing, but I will try to stop by if I am back that way before winter gets too bad.

Beechwood Marching Band performs in Indianapolis this weekend. I hope I am able to make it as this is Sarah’s last year.

Belated happy birthday wishes to my son-in-law Scott Nottingham on Nov. 7. This would have been my grandma Rosa Hall’s birthday also.

Happy birthday to my granddaughter Katelyn Nottingham on Nov. 10.

Betty Kelly has been busy getting her house and yard ready for winter. I wish I had the get up and go this woman has as my get up and go somehow left without me.

Well, I am not able to concentrate so I will try to have a more interesting column next time.

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