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Les and Pat Wagner mark 50th anniversary

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I may be a little early, but with my dwindling brainpower I’d better say it early than not at all.

When Vickie and I went to Hunter’s Pizzeria in Franklin, I was invited to a surprise 50th anniversary party to honor Les and Pat Wagner. When I say a surprise, that is exactly what it was to both of them. Their two nieces, Polly and Dawn, did an outstanding job of planning this special event.

Les and Pat had no idea. The girls, and I am sure others, even had it planned out that Les and Pat renew their vows.

If it wasn’t such a beautiful affair, I might even tease just a little and say when it came to the renewal of the vows I could swear I saw Pat twist Les arm. Well, maybe just a little.

The whole event was absolutely beautiful and so touching.

Larry and Rebecca Hasty’s son is in the Reserves, and he was in uniform and walked Pat down the aisle after distracting Pat by telling her he needed her outside for something, as things were prepared.

Oh no, Les, I did it again, I forgot a name.

I met so many wonderful family members that made me feel just like family, not just an acquaintance or a friend.

Don Wagner, it was so nice to actually meet you and your wife. Don is a cousin of Les. My sister-inlaw Wanda Hall takes care of Don’s mother.

As the party drew to a close, I really had a surprise as Les’s brother Jim Wagner teaches ballroom dancing and he had the band play a beautiful number called ‘Kentucky Waltz.’

Jim walked across the room and asked me to dance.

I can hoedown all night and I can slow dance, but I have never attempted the actual waltz which is a beautiful dance when done right.

When the dance ended I wanted to tell the guys to play it again as Jim is a great teacher and I think with a little more practice, say 10 years, I might learn the waltz.

I have to admit my little feet stepped on Jim’s big feet, and his big foot got on my little one as I didn’t get it out of the way.

Special Delivery Bluegrass Band with none other than Tony Hale, Gil Benson, Wayne Haddix, Larry ‘Bubba’ Griffith and Johnny Wax did a terrific job.

I have met so many wonderful people over the years through writing this column in The Mountain Eagle. There are quite a few who have really become family to me, but this whole family is so special. Even a couple of young children told me how much everyone enjoys my column.

Polly and Dawn, thanks again for inviting me.

It is almost unbelievable that an earthquake would hit the city of Whitesburg. Thanks to Johnny and Ann Calihan’s daughter Carol Dieckman for the information. There was a lot of structural damage done to the courthouse and homes. I am just grateful no one was hurt.

I was teasing Ann Calihan and told her that when people ask where I am from, I always say Roxana. Since Whitesburg has received so much attention on the news, I was going to say Whitesburg, but I would never change saying I am from Roxana.

I don’t care how famous any place would ever get, as that little wide spot in the road will always be home to me.

What is the status of the prison supposedly be built at Roxana? I really do think that would be great, and at least there would be employment for people.

There’s been a sign on the hill in Whitesburg that says ‘Welcome to Whitesburg home of 1543 friendly people plus 2 grouches.’ I hear that the sign is going to be taken down because Whitesburg Hospital has purchased the spot of ground. So what!

This sign takes up very little space, so maybe it is true there must be a grouch or two or several to want to remove this sign!

If it was a humongous sign and in the middle of acreage I could understand. Please! If there’s anyone who has any influence, keep this sign where it is, as this sign always puts a smile on my face. I have taken several people to see it.

My sincere heartfelt sympathy goes out to the family of Shirley Jean Halcomb Collins. Shirley and I were best friends before I left the mountains. I hadn’t seen her since I was 16, but I have fond memories of Shirley, Sarah and Dorothy.

I met all three when I started staying with Grandma Rosa Hall. Grandma lived in Caudill Town, on the outskirts of Whitesburg, and the Halcomb girls lived up on the hill a little ways from Grandma. If I am not mistaken, they lived close to where Oma Hatton lives now.

Sympathy goes out to the family of Vincent Boggs who has ties to the mountains. Vincent was 87 years old, and lived in the Brookville, Ind. area, and was a son of Harrison and Ora Boggs.

Polly Maucher said she called her family in the mountains to make sure they were alright after she heard about the earthquake.

I am not the only one who is proud of a granddaughter as Polly’s daughter Dawn plays basketball. Polly was talking about how rough the girls are, which made me laugh as my little Katelyn and Jessica Nottingham play soccer. I believe that is the most aggressive sport I have seen little girls partake in.

My little sidekick Bennie Wiederhold is in kindergarten at Springmeyer Elementary, and I had the pleasure of attending a special program since it was Grandparents Night.

Bennie is an overactive, bright, energetic lad, and a handful at times. He is so intelligent it is scary, yet he can’t sit very long. He is not autistic, yet I do fear there is something as he can’t sit still for long periods of a time. You might say I have described a typical little five-year-old child with a mind of his own.

He has settled down a lot, and the teacher is so nice. I am really glad I attended this event.

My daughter Angie must have been threatening to ground Bennie as he told his mom when he got 18 he was going to ground her!

Sunday, my daughter Kay went to visit Anna and her family, and decided to do a little sister time. They went shopping which turned out to be a brief trip. Scott and Sarah were watching baby Kyle, who fell into the grate of the fireplace and hurt his head.

Kay and Anna went straight home. Anna didn’t think it was a serious and put a Band-Aid on it, but it kept bleeding so she took Kyle to the ER at the hospital, where Kyle had three stitches. Kyle seems to be an accident in progress as he broke his arm a few months ago.

Oh am I ever glad my children are grown, yet these grandkids are going to worry me to death yet.

Belated happy birthday to my granddaughter Katelyn, Nov. 10.

My son Keith Ballard is doing lots better. I can handle most anything until I see one of my kids (though grown) sick or in trouble, and then it makes me very upset as it does any parent.

Thanks to all the veterans who have made our country safe, and though I don’t say too much, each time I look at the beautiful American flag blowing ever so gentle, oh yes I am proud, grateful and humble to know what it stands for all who gave their all for me. I am also proud several of my uncles served in the military to help make this possible, and so did our dad.

Just a reminder, Rural Route 2 Bluegrass Band will be opening for the Grascals, Dec. 8 in Milan, Ind. More on that later.

Hello Glenora Eldridge. I hope you are behaving like a good little girl and hello to your husband. I hope this finds him feeling alright.

I finally caught a few minutes to talk to Doyle and Betty Ison. Betty still isn’t perking too good as her bones have been giving her trouble.

Betty is another friend I met through this column and has become a sister to me, and Doyle is just as special.

I think he is looking for a heavy duty extension cord to put in the little building so I can move there and be close to Betty. I have my electric blanket ready and waiting.

Gwen Huff Farmer is expecting a group of deer hunters to arrive at her place this week. Gwen always looks forward to this.

I haven’t talked to Shirley Wells this week, though I saw a post on the computer that her doctor told her to exercise more or she would have to go on insulin. I wish we lived closer so we could walk together.

My sympathy goes out to Red Spurlock’s family as my friend Norma Ashcraft called me to share some sad news. Red Spurlock of Fairborn, died early Monday morning. Red had been dealing with that dreaded disease called cancer for a little over a year now. I attended a benefit that was given for Red a few short months ago. Red was married to Joyce, who is from Mayking, but I still don’t have Joyce’s maiden name.

Please give an extra hug to your loved ones, and one from me, as we never know what is going to happen.

It is time once again to bring this to a close. Until next time, Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Road, Harrison, Ohio 45030, email: Bluegrassmama4@aol.com, 513-367-4682.

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