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Letcher Central students in speech competition


I hope everyone enjoyed “20/20” on Friday, Feb. 13. It’s no wonder people think everyone from eastern Kentucky is an idiot! It was already well known for toothless people, and that interviewer, Diane Sawyer, did well. That was the icing on the cake. Maybe one of these days someone with common sense could give them an interview and hopefully they’ll have their own teeth.

The even better part was when they were standing in the church, singing with no teeth at all. Some people would do anything for money, or just so they could say that they were on TV.

I would just like to say thank you to the people they interviewed for making the rest of us look totally ignorant. Even though some of us still have our teeth, now World, you know why eastern Kentucky got its name!

And boy, people from here sure like Mountain Dew. What happened to ‘My RC Cola and a Moon Pie?’

The students from Letcher County Central High School who competed at Knott County Central High School are Kelly Hall, Wendy Sexton, Tre Sexton, and Debbie Sexton.

Saturday, Feb. 14, two students from LCCHS competed in a speech competition at Knott County Central High School. They are Tre Sexton, a junior, and Wendy Ison, a sophomore. Debbie Sexton, a Whitesburg Middle School teacher was one of the judges. Several schools competed.

Kelly Hall from Central Office was there. Mr. Hall said that he was looking forward to attending more competitions for student who don’t compete in activities at school. This way it’s an opportunity for students to express themselves.

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