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Letcher Co. Police Beat



Monday, August 25

• At 1:52 p.m., a caller notifi es the Letcher County Sheriff ’s Department that someone has used his debit card number to make four online purchases totally $1,119.33. A case of theft of identity is being opened.

• At 5:30 p.m., a woman calls the sheriff ’s office to report the theft of a television set from her son who is away from his Pert Creek home.

• At 5:31 p.m., a caller from Sheas Fork, McRoberts, reports to the sheriff ’s office that thieves have stolen a lawnmower, weed trimmer, leaf blower and fuel from the home of his uncle who lives next door.

• At 5:32 p.m., a male caller whose address is not listed tells the sheriff ’s office he has received two telephone calls from someone at the number 385-940-1370 who says he is a representative of Microsoft Windows and needs access to his computer. The “Windows representative” has a strong Indian accent.

• At 6:47 p.m., a sheriff ’s deputy reports arriving at a location at Fairway Drive, Jenkins, to answer a complaint about a prowler.

• At 10:21 p.m., a Neon area mother calls the sheriff ’s office to request that police officers come and talk with her 14- year- old daughter who is smashing things in her room.

Tuesday, August 26

• At 11:56 a.m., the sheriff ’s offi ce is notified that a doublewide trailer has been broken into at the top of the mountain at Flat Gap.

• At 1:34 p.m., Kentucky State Police alert the sheriff ’s office to an incident at East Kentucky Support Services, Jeremiah, where a subject is “in the middle of the road on Highway 7 South going off.” The organization is advised to obtain a court order requiring the subject to be involuntarily committed to a mental health facility.

• At 6:58 p.m., a man reports that another male subject tried to fight with him in Sexton’s Branch at Little Colley.

• At 8:15 p.m., a sheriff ’s deputy reports unsuccessful attempts at reaching a party concerned about a house at Limbo Hollow Road, Eolia, that appears to be abandoned. The deputy advises that no one is at the home, and that a meter base has been stolen and a window broken out.

• At 10:05 p.m., a sheriff ’s deputy speaks with a man who has been camping under a trestle over Kingdom Come Creek on Kentucky Highway 160. The man, whose presence is of concern to neighbors living nearby, says he is OK and will be leaving tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 27

• At 11:54 a.m., a sheriff ’s deputy is dispatched to a home at Kentucky Highway 588 in the UZ area to investigate a report of elder abuse.

• At 3:15 p.m., a 73-year-old man from Kentucky Highway 588/160 in the Roxana area reports to the sheriff ’s office that a woman has used his debit card to steal $200 from him. The man also claims the woman has stolen his late wife’s pension check for the past year. The matter is being referred to Adult Protective Services.

• At 3:56 p.m., a motorist reports that dog is locked inside an older purple car with its windows rolled up outside the Whitesburg hospital. Whitesburg City Police are notified.

• At 4:54 p.m., a deputy sheriff is transporting a female prisoner to the Hazard Appalachian Regional Hospital.

• At 5 p.m., a caller says a woman refuses to leave a home at Camp Branch even though she is under court order not to be there.

Thursday, August 28

• At 5:20 p.m., sheriff ’s deputies report they are leaving the home of a woman whose car has been reported stolen. The deputies have informed the man who has the car that he has until 8 p.m. to return the car to its owner. If not, his name and the car will be entered into the FBI’s National Crime Information Center database.

• At 9:25 p.m., a resident of Coffee Court, Whitesburg, reports that someone just tried to break into her home through a window. Whitesburg City Police are notifi ed.

Friday, August 29

• At 9:19 a.m., a resident of North Abdoo Street, Neon, reports being cursed and threatened by the driver of a white Ford F-150 pickup with brown stripes. The caller said the incident occurred after he asked the driver of the pickup to stop blocking his driveway.

• At 1:35 p.m., a resident of Little Colley reports that someone broke into her vehicle sometime after 2:30 a.m. and stole $70 but nothing else.

• At 4:42 p.m., a resident of Little Colley telephones the sheriff ’s office in reference to a vehicle theft she reported at 1:35 p.m. The woman tells a dispatcher that since no deputy ever showed up at the scene to investigate the theft of $70, the sheriff ’s office should disregard her earlier report as she will take care of the matter herself.

• At 8:03 p.m., a sheriff ’s deputy reports his arrival at a home at Eileen Drive, Pine Creek, Mayking, where an alarm has been sounding. The gate is locked and no one is home.

Saturday, August 30

• At 10:23 a.m., a woman from Tomahawk Trail, Letcher, is advised to visit the office of Letcher County Attorney Jamie Hatton to obtain warrants for the arrest of a neighbor who shot the side of her trailer and a bird feeder with a BB gun. The woman says she went to the man’s house to confront him about the incident and saw the BB gun and BBs lying on his porch. She said the man told her that if he were going to shoot at her home he would use a .12-guage shotgun.

• At 10:49 a.m., a Millstone man tells the sheriff ’s office he intends to return to court to have his “child exchange” moved from outside a Neon convenience store to the sheriff ’s office. The man is angry because the mother of his baby didn’t show up at the convenience store. A dispatcher calls the mother, who says the father knew in advance that she wasn’t going to be able to make the exchange today because the baby is sick with pink eye in both eyes and is suffering a double ear infection. The mother said a doctor is treating the baby.

• At 12:23 p.m., a woman from Tomahawk Trail, Letcher, telephones the sheriff ’s office to report that a man who had been shooting BBs at her trailer earlier in the day is now shooting BBs at her.

• At 5:06 p.m., a deputy sheriff is en route to Bottom Fork in the Kona-Mayking area where a fourwheeler has collided with a vehicle in a non-injury accident. The caller wants police to come to the scene to file an accident report.

• At 6:45 p.m., a deputy sheriff is en route to Beetree Fork, Hot Spot, where a car has wrecked and landed on its top. The driver left the scene before the deputy arrived.

• At 8:33 p.m., an Isom woman calls the sheriff ’s office to talk about her estranged husband who she says has been taking stuff all day long from the home they formerly shared. A dispatcher tells the woman a deputy can go talk to the husband and advise him against removing anything from the home because of ongoing court proceedings. The woman says she does not want the sheriff ’s office to take any action other than to log what she says has been happening throughout the day. The dispatcher advises the woman to report the matter to her divorce attorney.

• At 10:58 p.m., a caller advises a sheriff ’s office dispatcher that two intoxicated males are trying to get into the Dairy Queen restaurant in Whitesburg. Police arrive at the scene within two minutes but the men have left the area.

Monday, September 1

• At 6:01 p.m., an employee at Neon Double Kwik calls the sheriff ’s office to report that an elderly lady needs assistance after locking her keys up inside her vehicle with the motor still running. The Double Kwik employee calls the sheriff ’s office back 10 minutes later to report that others were able to get the car unlocked.

• At 6:57 p.m., a Thornton woman advises the sheriff ’s office that her niece has learned that the caller’s estranged husband has been making threats against the caller. The woman wants a police escort while she returns to the couple’s former home to retrieve her belongings. The caller is advised to contact the county attorney’s office tomorrow morning to obtain the proper court documents authorizing police to escort her.

• At 7:02 p.m., a deputy sheriff is dispatched to McDonald’s restaurant in Whitesburg to assist with unlocking an automobile with the keys still inside.

• At 8: 31 p. m., a man from Grays Branch Road, Jenkins, complains to the sheriff ’s office about a grandmother the caller says threatened to whip a child because he spit and did not want to stay with her. The man said he and his mother had taken his children to the grandmother’s house when the incident occurred. He said the grandmother told him and his mother: “This is it. This is the last time you will see the kids.” A dispatcher advises the caller to visit the county attorney’s office the next day to see what can be done about the custody situation.

• At 10:22 p.m., a woman calls the sheriff ’s office to report that a male subject is yelling at her and cursing her in the parking lot of a business at Dry Fork. A deputy is en route.

• At 11:22 p.m., an anonymous caller reports that neighbors are playing loud music at a home on Hydra Drive located off the UZLittle Dry Fork Road. The caller says the music is keeping children awake who have to go to school the next morning.

Tuesday, September 2

• At 8:28 a.m., a Millstone man reports that he noticed two or three days ago that a 9-millimeter handgun passed down from his father is missing. The man says he did not write down the serial number of the gun.

• At 9:37 a.m., a McDonald’s restaurant employee tells the sheriff ’s office that a man is passed out in a red Toyota Tacoma pickup in the drive-thru lane. Whitesburg City Police are notified.

• At 10:16 a.m., a deputy serves an arrest warrant on Bradley Meadows, a Pike County man who led police on a high-speed chase down Pine Mountain that reached speeds of up to 115 miles an hour.

• At 1:36 p.m., an elderly Jenkins woman calls the sheriff ’s office two report that two of her male neighbors play songs on the radio to bother her. She said that last night, one of the two men put something in her hair while she was asleep and it made her hair fall out. She tells a dispatcher she has never seen the men inside her home, but has seen light flashing throughout the house. She also says she could hear the guys having sex last night, and that it made her feel so nasty she had to take a bath. Police visit the woman and find that all is in order at the home and encourage her to keep her doors locked.

• At 4:54 p.m., a woman from Stinking Branch at Camp Branch- Thornton Road calls the sheriff ’s office to complain about two pitbull dogs that are again running loose in the neighborhood, having attacked her dog on Saturday and costing her $647.50 in veterinary bills. The caller says that if something isn’t done about the pit-bull dogs they the dogs are going to kill someone. A dispatcher is faxing the complaint to the Letcher County Animal Control Officer.

• At 6:01 p.m., a resident of Pistol City, near Sandlick Gap, reports to the sheriff ’s office that she has backed into another car in her driveway.

Wednesday, September 3

• At 9:59 a.m., a Jeremiah woman tells the sheriff ’s office that a Letcher Elementary School teacher asked her earlier this morning if she was aware of an incident involving her daughter and a 10-year-old boy. The woman says she questioned her daughter who identified the boy and said he touched her on her shoulder area and then poked her on her breast in the hallway of the school. The daughter said another boy saw what happened and told the 10-year-old boy to stop what he was doing. The mother said the daughter reported the incident to a teacher who in turn reported it to the school principal, who gave the boy in-school and after-school detention for his actions. The woman told the sheriff ’s office the principal is not at school today.

• At 12:04 p.m., a Hallie woman informs the sheriff ’s office that a man and woman are making the drug methamphetamine near a graveyard near the old Campbell’s Branch School.

• At 5:32 p.m., a Linefork woman calls the sheriff ’s office to report that her 14-year-old daughter is out of control and threatening to take a bottle of the mother’s medication. The mother said that when she asked the daughter to give her the medication she “threw a pop” at her instead. The caller later reports that her daughter has settled down after speaking with a counselor from Kentucky River Community Care.

• At 5:39 p.m., a Blackey woman reports that her cousin’s child has made several vulgar remarks to the caller and her children. The caller is advised to talk with Court Designated Worker Mike Watts about the incident.

• At 9:26 p.m., a deputy sheriff reports that a man has taken him to a home shared by two women on Franklin’s Branch, Craft’s Colly, and that he has retrieved comic books from the home.

Thursday, September 4

• At 9:59 a.m., an alarm has been activated at a home on Bill Moore Branch between Kona and Payne Gap. A deputy has been dispatched to investigate.

• At 2:08 p.m., a deputy sheriff is leaving the Jessamine County Detention Center with two female prisoners he is transporting to the Letcher County Jail.

• At 9:55 p.m., ADT Security notifies the sheriff ’s offi ce that a “panic alarm” has been activated at a home on Stamper’s Branch, Isom, where a woman says someone is standing in the yard.

Friday, September 5

• At 4: 27 p. m., a man from Bull Creek, Blackey, reports that someone is stealing from him while he is away in Floyd County.

• At 7:12 p.m., a woman from Sarvis Road, Ermine, reports that her ex- boyfriend is in her home “busting up everything.” Three deputies answer the call for assistance.

• At 9:50 p.m., a father reports to the sheriff ’s office that he is concerned about his son who is having issues with his mother, the ex-wife of the caller. The father says the mother is “high” while attending the football game in which their son is playing at Letcher County Central High School. The sheriff ’s office offers to intervene with a welfare check, but the father opts to wait until a later time.

Saturday, September 6

• At 4:10 p.m., an anonymous caller reports that a green Ford Explorer has been sitting on the side of the road at Wright’s Mountain, Cram Creek, and wants the vehicle checked out. A dispatcher urges the deputy answering the call to use caution, noting the caller is “adamant” about getting the vehicle checked out.

• At 9 p.m., a sheriff ’s deputy is unable to locate a woman who callers say is drunk and walking in the road at Beetree Fork, Hot Spot. A second deputy is en route to assist.

Monday, September 8

• At 1:44 p.m., a resident of the Camp Branch side of Thornton Road advises the sheriff ’s office that he is en route to the home of his mother, who has just suffered another heart attack, to advise his niece and her husband that they are no longer welcome on his mother’s property. The man said the couple have been getting power, water and television service from his mother’s home and that he is disconnecting it all. A deputy advises the man to call 911 if he encounters any problems with the niece or the niece’s husband.

• At 6:32 p.m., a man calls the sheriff ’s office to report that an 18-wheeler is traveling on the wrong side of the road from Whitesburg toward Mayking at about 20 miles an hour. The caller believes the driver may be falling asleep at the wheel.

• At 6:58 p.m., a Premium woman advises that her neighbor has damaged her property by diverting water from a pond.

• At 8:55 p.m., a woman from the Democrat area calls the sheriff ’s office to report her son is at her home breaking things and trying to fight with his father. The woman wants the son removed from the home. Deputies respond to the call and arrive at the scene at 9:42 p.m. At 11:06 p.m., a male is found unresponsive and is taken from the scene by ambulance to the Whitesburg ARH.

• At 11:08 p.m., a Letcher County man whose address is not listed informs the sheriff ’s office that he has just received a photograph of red marks on his son’s face that were caused by the boy’s mother, who is his estranged wife. The caller said the woman, whom he is divorcing, took the 13-yearold son to live with her in Michigan City, Indiana. He says he has spoken to police in Michigan City and that they are sending officers to his ex-wife’s home for a welfare check.

Tuesday, September 9

• At 4:30 p.m., a sheriff ’s deputy is en route to the Breathitt County Detention Center with one female juvenile prisoner.

• At 11:01 p.m., a McRoberts woman calls the sheriff ’s office to report that a male who is hard to understand has been telephoning her from a number with an “855” prefix and talking to her about his life. The woman, who says her husband is a pastor, said the caller got angry and demanded to know if what he said to her is confidential. A dispatcher told the woman the sheriff ’s department could contact the caller if she wishes.

• At 11:18 p.m., an anonymous caller reports that a dark-colored car was parked near his home and a neighbor’s home. He said one male remained inside the car while another male was outside walking around some of the houses in the neighborhood. Soon after hanging up the phone, the caller telephoned the sheriff ’s office again to report that one of the men just opened a window at one of the homes before quickly leaving Pine Creek.

Wednesday, September 10

• At 5:09 p.m., a woman calls the sheriff ’s office to report that her brother died earlier in the week and that the funeral home where the man’s girlfriend had the body taken refused to conduct services without pre-payment or to have an autopsy performed on the body. The sister says the late brother had pill residue in his nose and wants an investigation into his death. A sheriff ’s deputy will talk with Letcher County Coroner Marty Baker about the situation.

• At 9:47 p.m., a Linefork woman reports that her wallet was stolen and identifies a male and female she accuses of taking it.

Thursday, September 11

• At 5:33 p.m., deputies are dispatched to a home at McRoberts where a male subject may be armed with a utility knife. Police leave the scene at 6:07 p.m. after determining that all is OK.

• At 5:35 p.m., sheriff ’s deputies are en route to an address at Whitco Loop, Whitesburg, to answer a call about an alleged incident of domestic violence.

• At 5:36 p.m., Sheriff Danny Webb and Deputy Eugene Slone are en route to the Blackey Community Center to participate in a neighborhood watch program.

• At 10:45 p.m., a sheriff ’s deputy is dispatched to Bedrock Drive, McRoberts, to assist with unlocking a state vehicle.

• At 11:24 p.m., a sheriff ’s deputy attempts to serve an emergency protective order to a resident at Ramey Fork, Cromona, but is unable to locate the alleged offender.

Friday, September 12

• At 10:48 a.m., an anonymous caller reports that on September 10 he was present when a woman from Stinking Branch, located near the end of the Camp Branch-Thornton road, got so high on pills while in the presence of her children that she was rolling around on the floor.

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