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Letcher Co. Seniors compete in tournaments

The Letcher County Senior Citizens recently visited Camp Nathanael.

The Letcher County Senior Citizens recently visited Camp Nathanael.

You talk about busy, busy, busy. The Letcher County Senior Citizens have been that way this whole month.

Last week, on the 16th, they went to Hazard for a horseshoe tournament. Lots of the members are practicing for the bowling tournament now there at the rec center. I’m still not sure when that tournament will be held, and then they won’t know the results of all those tournaments till later. From what I understand they will take a trip to the Expo Center in Knott County next month to find out how they placed in all the competitions they participated in and there will be more competitions there too. Then all the trophies and awards will be presented.

Maybe next year Mom will feel like going and I can see firsthand just what happens and we can enjoy it for ourselves.

Thursday, the 19th, they took their annual trip to Camp Nathanael. All those who attended from Letcher Senior Citizens were talking about what a good time they had. The information below came from Camp Nathanael’s Facebook page. The picture also came from Facebook and there are lots more on there from that trip.

Ollie Profitt celebrates her 80th birthday at Fishpond Lake.

Ollie Profitt celebrates her 80th birthday at Fishpond Lake.


“Senior Citizen Day #2 is in the books! Our 119 senior visitors enjoyed another thoughtful program put on by New Castle Bible Church and some delicious Southern cooking! Thank you to everyone who helped us pull off this event, especially those who came to serve from New Castle!”

Okay, you all, I’ve got to tell you a story on my sister, Charlene Mason. I’m sorry, Charlene, I know lots of things have happened since we took this column that I wanted to put in here, but I didn’t. This one is just too good and too funny to leave alone.

Charlene was at Mom’s last Monday cleaning and such. Well, she called me and said, “Well Floss, I’ve done it now!” Come to find out she was sitting on the commode, don’t worry, the lid was down and she was cleaning some items in Mom’s bathroom.



All of a sudden the plunger fell over and hit the commode. Lo and behold she started smelling something odd like sewer. Come to find out an old electric power pole insulator (not sure that’s what you call it but that’s what we call them) had fallen and hit the plunger and the base of the commode. When she twisted around to see what had happened, it cracked the whole back and around the other side.

And, guess what she did. She flushed it to see if it would still hold water or if it was going to have to be replaced.

When she did that, water went everywhere. So, the whole time she was cleaning up the water she was contemplating how she was going to tell Mommy. When she finished and told Mommy, and Mommy said, “Well, I guess I need to get me a new commode.”

Charlene said, “Mommy, I’m more trouble than I’m worth.” Mommy replied, “Now, I wouldn’t say that.” Well, I wish that was the end of this catastrophe.

Needless to say, the next day when my husband and Charlene’s husband were replacing the commode, I pulled out of Mom’s driveway between their two vehicles and scraped the whole side of my vehicle. So, that commode is going to end up costing about $3,000!

One of Mommy ’ s friends, Ollie Lucas Profitt, celebrated her 80th birthday last week. They had her a huge surprise birthday party.

I saw all kinds of pictures posted on Facebook. Ollie’s family were our neighbors from Cane Hollow. We went to school with her children at Colson. She also sang at Millstone Missionary Baptist Church sometimes and I loved it when she sang one song in particular.

I got news today from Robert Wagner’s daughter, Peggy, and he is doing some better. He is now home and is walking a little with his walker. She also told me Yvonne Tackett Hall, my dad’s sister, is not doing any good at all. She is sleeping a lot and doesn’t really respond to them. She and her husband, Ray Hall, live in Tiffin, Oh. Remember them in your prayers along with all that have lost loved ones, especially our pastor, Bill Jones and his wife Sandy.

I don’t know about you all, but I love reading sayings that churches put on their church signs. I saw this one on Jeremiah Missionary Baptist last month and it meant so much to me. It said, “Jesus knows me, this I love!” Now, that just says it all. To imagine that God, the creator of the universe, knows each one of us personally. Amazing, isn’t it?

So, on that note I’ll end with Oma Hatton’s weekly ending. Please try your best to attend church this Sunday, and if your church has services Sunday evening or throughout the week, you should be there then, too.

Oh, I almost forgot, this coming Saturday is the breakfast at Little Colley Regular Baptist. Mom and I are surely looking forward to this. The men of the church start early and have it ready for the rest of us at breakfast time. Best breakfast food you could ever wish for. Hope to see you all there.

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