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Mostly sunny

Letcher Countians attend Indiana church

Sorry I didn’t have a column last week. We had been out of town and I didn’t get back in time to have one.

Bob, Kenny Joe and I took Don and Coreen Pridemore with us to Carrollton to General Butler State Park for a few days. Saturday evening, Bob, Coreen and I drove over to Brownstown, Ind., to visit Mom’s cousins Aaron and Edith Ison, who both recently had birthdays, and Polly Hutchinson.

We also saw Aaron and Edith’s daughter Nadine and her husband Denny, who are a big help to Aaron and Edith around the farm. All were doing pretty well, but we just stayed for a brief visit before heading back to the park that night. Bob wanted to get back in time to watch the UK game.

Sunday morning, all of us except Kenny Joe went to Charlestown, Ind., to attend the Chester Hogg Memorial Church. Other Letcher Countians we saw there were Roy and Tammy Slone of Doty Creek, and Elwood and Kathy Cornett, and former Letcher Countians Guy and Patsy Parks and David Ison. Aaron and Edith were able to attend too. After services we enjoyed dinner at the church and talking with friends there.

Bob took us on the small roads near the Ohio River and we crossed at Madison, Ind., which was a beautiful, historic river town, and we also took scenic roads back home Monday evening. We fished and walked some while at the park.

I forgot to mention that April 2 we stopped on our way to Nicholasville to have dinner with our daughter Jessie and her husband Andy. It was Jessie’s birthday and we all ate at the Golden Corral Restaurant.

Christy Duke Kincaid and her family came in to spend a week with Estill and Alma Rose Blair and to visit others while here. The kids were on spring break and really enjoyed being here. Estill had a birthday while they were here, and they had dinner and cake. I know Opal Duke enjoys seeing Christy and the kids when they come home.

A few other April birthdays were Cheryl Bradley, Keith Pridemore, Hunter Banks, Sue Banks Goodson, Judy Lynn Adams and Coreen Pridemore.

Anna Lou Blair came in to stay awhile with Lillie Moss Hale, and also to see Tommy Harris Smith and Mary Jo Blair. I think she stayed about three or four nights. Mom walked out to visit, but didn’t catch them home so she sat awhile with her brother Dock Adams on her way home.

Susie Raglin continues to be very sick in Whitesburg Hospital. Her son Doug, of Michigan, is here and he and ‘ Rags’ ( Don) are spending a lot of time at the hospital with her. Jeremiah

Jewell Dixon is also a very sick lady. She had to be in Pikeville Hospital for over two weeks, then returned to the nursing home, and then back to Whitesburg Hospital. We pray she is doing some better when this comes out. Her daughters have taken good care of her throughout her sickness.

Dougie and Allison Collins are the parents of a new baby boy. They named him Bentley, and he has an older brother, Bryson. Congratulations to the parents and grandparents.

We stopped by Letcher Manor to see Hazel Adams, and also dropped by to visit Hargis Ison. He is doing better and getting some strength back.

I also chatted with Patty Majority of Whitesburg, who is there for therapy on her leg. She’ll be home in no time.

This weekend will be the Union meeting at Blair Branch Church, and afterward dinner will be served. All are welcome to attend.

Blair Branch lost another good old soul with the death of Lucy Blair. She always seemed to be such a very nice lady, and leaves behind a large family and many friends to mourn her passing. Our sympathy to them all. Her funeral was to be held at Dixon Memorial Church.

There will be several sunrise services on Easter, Blair Branch Cemetery, Burton Hill Cemetery, and the Hampton and Dixon Cemetery, to name a few.

Freda Adams of Ison lost her sister Esteva Caudill of Florida, who hadn’t been well for quite awhile. Stevie Daniel Adams took Iva and Freda to Georgetown with him and his family for a couple of days during their grief. This was a couple of weeks ago, but our sympathy still goes out to Freda and her brothers and sisters and the rest of Blaine and Esteva’s family.

A lot of folks appreciate Claude Caudill of Ohio, who bought new flags to go on local cemeteries. It was very nice of him to do this.

Herman Blair has been visiting here for a few days. He and Lance Breeding attended Defeated Creek Church last Sunday.

On the first Thursday in April, Don, Coreen, Keitzi ‘K.P.’ Pridemore and I all went to Wheelersburg, Oh., to the flea market and to visit Roy Kenon and Billie Smith and Bill and Elva Marshall. After picking up some bargains, we had lunch at Bill and Elva’s and enjoyed being together.

They are planning a trip to Kansas to visit their son and were planning to stop in Illinois to spend a night with Darrel and Vicki Pridemore on their way.

Sorry if too much of this was about our family. Sometimes I just don’t hear too much from the community.

I hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful redbuds and dogwoods blooming so profusely at this time.

We had a good service at the Little Ruby Church at Crase’s Branch Sunday afternoon. Bill, Joyce and Bumper Adams were able to be there, and Merle and Phyllis brought their mother Grace Caudill.

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